Monday, January 30, 2012

A Look Back: Song, Score, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing

In the audio categories, I correctly predicted 3 out of 5 eventual nominees (60%) for original score, sound mixing and sound editing, with sound editing being one of the few categories where my predicted winner didn’t even make the nominee list. In original song, I predicted 0 of the 2 nominees (0%). It’s possible that I would have scored better if this were a full category of 5 nominees, but it is also possible that I completely misunderstand what the song writers are looking for when they vote. Overall, I have decided that I need to listen to movies much more carefully than I have been.

The dip that you see in the red line in November represents the point at which I went from merely listing Rio and The Muppets by their movie title, to actually parsing out the individual songs that would make it. Clearly, I chose the wrong ones, as both “Life’s A Happy Song” and “Pictures In My Head” were in my top five, but neither made the Academy’s list.

What I predicted correctly, and when I came close.

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