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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Academy Members Project U

Updated 11/23/2015

Pictured: Nancy Utley is Co-President of Fox Searchlight, a studio which specializes in distributing independent films that become Oscar contenders, from The Tree Of Life and The Descendants to Black Swan and Slumdog Millionaire. An Academy Governor from the public relations branch, Utley has also worked on blockbusters such as Independence Day, Die Hard, Speed, There’s Something About Mary and Mrs. Doubtfire.

As a reminder, Bold font is for confirmed AMPAS members that we are able to document conclusively. Standard font is for confirmed invitees, most of whom presumably accept. Italic font is for those believed to be members, but whose status has not been verified. Members who have passed away are shown using the same system, but in GOLD, and those whose biography is still being researched are in PINK. Read why we are so cautious HERE.

I will be adding more pictures, as well as credits, awards, and of course new names as the project proceeds. And don’t forget to send me recommendations of Oscar voters I may have missed!

  1. Harry J. Ufland - The Last Temptation Of Christ, Snow Falling On Cedars, Crazy/Beautiful, One True Thing, Where The River Runs Black, Streets Of Gold, Moving Violations, Not Without My Daughter, The Big Wedding (Producers Branch) (VisualHollywood.com 3/30/2014)
  2. Alfred Uhry - Driving Miss Daisy (Writers Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Encyclopedia.com) (Academy Press Releases 1992 p. 115) (TheHollywoodReporter 1/6/2014)
  3. Mark Ulano - Titanic, Inglourious Basterds, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2, Django Unchained, Super 8, Iron Man, Terminator Salvation, Grindhouse, Jackie Brown, The Patriot, Waterworld, The Big Easy (Sound Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Resume) (695.com Member Directory Search 4/11/2015) (LinkedIn.com)
    1. Frederic Ullman Jr. (Short Films And Feature Animation Branch) (Oscar Nominee) (1948 Membership List)
    2. George Ullman - Associate Member (January 1964 Academy Report p. 4)
  4. Liv Ullmann- The Emigrants, Face To Face (Actors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) (Academy Press Releases 1980 p. 15) (Academy Press Releases 1981 p. 17)
    1. Edgar G. Ulmer - Designers Branch (1930 Academy Publication p. 13)
  5. Ron Underwood - City Slickers, Mighty Joe Young, Tremors, Heart And Souls (Directors Branch) (RonUnderwood.com) (Academy Museum Donor List 11/2/2014)
    1. Linn Unkefer - Publicist at RKO (Public Relations Branch) (1948 Membership List) (August 1960 Academy Report p. 2)
  6. Lee Unkrich - Toy Story 3 (Writers Branch Or Short Films And Feature Animation Branch) (Oscar Winner)
    1. Eve Unsell - Writers Branch (1930 Academy Publication p. 13)
  7. Gareth Unwin - The King's Speech, Exam (Producers Branch) (Oscar Winner) (June 17, 2011 Academy Invitation List) (New Members Reception)
    1. Gabrielle Upton (Writers Branch) (September 1961 Academy Report p. 4)
    2. Minerva Urecal - Actors Branch (January 1964 Academy Report p. 4)
  8. Frank J. Urioste - RoboCop, Die Hard, Basic Instinct, Total Recall (Film Editors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) (Former Academy Governor) (Academy Press Releases 1994 p. 127) (Academy Press Releases 1995 p. 146) (Wikipedia) (AceFilmEditors Archive)
  9. Mark Urman (Public Relations Branch) (PhiladelphiaInquirer 3/26/1995) (TrendingNow)
  10. Zaza Urushadze - (Directors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Tangerines, The Guardian (June 26, 2015 Academy Invitation List) (Facebook Response to Invitation 6/27/2015) (GeorgianJournal.ge 6/29/2015) (InterPressNews 6/29/2015) (Learn more here and here)
    1. Peter Ustinov - (Actors Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Spokane Daily Chronicle 2/7/1978) (Academy Press Releases 1981 p. 17)
  11. Nancy Utley (aka Nancy Utley Jacobs) - Co-President Of Fox Searchlight, Former Executive Vice President Of Marketing For Twentieth Century Fox, Slumdog Millionaire, The Tree Of Life, The Descendants, Black Swan, 127 Hours, Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Shame, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Independence Day, Die Hard, Speed, Mrs. Doubtfire (Public Relations Branch) (Academy Governor) (Who Is The Academy Page 3/20/12) (The Advocate 1/16/12) (Oscars.org 7/15/2013) (TheHollywoodReporter 8/31/2014) (Academy Museum Donor List 11/2/2014)
  12. Pierre Uytterhoeven - A Man And A Woman, And Now My Love (Writers Branch) (Oscar Winner)

Know of an Academy member that we have missed? Think we have included someone who shouldn’t be here? The Academy Members Project is a work in progress, and welcomes your input! Additions, suggestions, corrections and verifications may be submitted in the comments section, or by emailing nevertooearlymoviepredictions@gmail.com.

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