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The Academy Members Project Q

Pictured: The brothers Dennis and Randy Quaid are both members of the Academy.

Academy Members Q
Updated 3/18/2017

  1. Dennis Quaid - (Actors Branch) The Day After Tomorrow, Vantage Point, Frequency, Dragon Heart, Far From Heaven, The Big Easy, Traffic, A Dog’s Purpose (LA Times Article 2/19/12) (Facebook Comment 1/21/2016 at 9:03 pm)
  2. Randy Quaid - (Actors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) The Last Detail, Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain, Kingpin, Midnight Express, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Parents, Real Time (Fall 1974 Academy Bulletin p. 6) ( (Academy Press Releases 2001 p. 150)
    1. John Qualen - (Actors Branch) (1948 Membership List)
  3. Guido Quaroni - (At Large Member) Vice President of Software R&D at Pixar Animation Studios (June 26, 2015 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here, here and here)
  4. William J. Quigley - (
    1. Frederick C. Quimby - (Short Films And Feature Animation Branch, Originally Short Subjects Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Academy Governor) (For Your Information Vol 3 No 4 April 1947 p. 4) (1948 Membership List) (For Your Information Vol 3 No 7 Winter 1949 p. 6) ( 8/29/2016 has found a Short Subjects Executive Committee memo 1/13/1949) (more IMDB info) (more info)
    2. Richard Quine - (Actors Branch) (1948 Membership List)
  5. Kathleen Quinlan - (Actors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Apollo 13, Event Horizon, American Graffiti, Breakdown, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, Blackout, The Hills Have Eyes (Undated Membership List in Paul Kohner Agency Records file 175.f-1740)
  6. Declan Quinn - (Cinematographers Branch) Leaving Las Vegas, In America, Kama Sutra A Tale Of Love, Breakfast On Pluto, Rachel Getting Married, Pride And Glory, Flawless ( (Learn more here and here)
    1. Donna Quinn - (Public Relations Branch?) (46th Oscars Screening Schedule on Ebay) (46th Oscar Schedule Image)
    1. Joe Quinn - (Actors Branch) (February 1961 Academy Report p. 4) (Likely this one)
  7. John B. Quinn - (Associate Member - Non-Voting - Attorney) General Counsel Of The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences ( (June 29, 2012 Academy Invitation List) (Academy Museum Donor List 11/2/2014) (Linkedin)
    1. Louis Quinn - (Actors Branch) (July 1959 Academy Report p. 1)
    2. Robert L. Quinn - (Public Relations Branch) (September 1961 Academy Report p. 4)
  8. Ana Maria Quintana - (At Large Member - Script Supervisor) (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Facebook comments 6/30/2016) (Learn more here)
  9. Gerald Quist - (Makeup Artists And Hairstylists Branch) Tropic Thunder, Drive, Lucky Number Slevin, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, Star Trek The Next Generation (June 30, 2009 Academy Invitation List) (Academy Report Vol. 22, 3rd & 4th Q 2009 p. 17)

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