Monday, January 23, 2012

84th Oscar Live Action Short Updates (1/23/12)

Here are today’s rankings for the 84th Oscar Live Action Short race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry. Most of this year’s submissions contain some combination of kids, old people, journeys and bodies of water, so make of that what you will.

Of the 10 films that made the Academy’s short list, I correctly predicted 0 of them (0%), although 4 had shown up on my previous long lists (40%). You can see how I am doing in the other categories on my Track Record Page.

1. Rahul Gandotra for The Road Home (IMDB) (Facebook) (Trailer) (Predicted Winner) (previously ranked 33)
2. Elfar Adalsteins for Sailcloth (IMDB) (Facebook) (Trailer) (New)
3. Hallvar Witzo for Tuba Atlantic (IMDB) (Trailer) (previous rank 21)
4. Max Zahle for Raju (IMDB) (Trailer) (Longer clip) (previous rank 24)
5. Ana Rocha Fernandes and Torsten Truscheit for The Roar Of The Sea (Das Rauschen Des Meeres) (IMDB) (New)

6. Michael Davies and Sandra Gorel for Love At First Sight (IMDB) (Clip) (New)
7. Terry George for The Shore (Webpage and Trailer) (Facebook) (New)
8. Andrew Bowler for Time Freak (IMDB) (Facebook) (Trailer) (previous rank 31)
9. Bernard Tanguy for I Could Be Your Grandmother (Je Pourrais Etre Votre Gran-Mere) (IMDB) (Webpage) (Facebook) (Trailer) (New)
10. Peter McDonald for Pentecost (IMDB) (Trailer) (New)

As always, check the Tracker Pages in the upper right hand corner of this blog for the most updated predictions in all categories!
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  1. I have to catch up on this short stuff. Great post! The gala is going to be fantastic this year as the were so many good movies out. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

    1. Yeah, the shorts are hard sometimes. I felt a little bad about putting off my predictions in this category until the last day, but since some of the professionals still haven't done theirs, I feel like I'm doing pretty well!

      I like that your blog focuses on films and fashions. Any suggestions on the costume categories this year?