Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Academy Members Project: Wish List A-D

Pictured: Here at The Academy Members Project, we don’t just follow Jiminy Cricket’s advice to wish upon the stars, we also research the stars! Our goal is to identify and celebrate all the artists who get to vote for the Oscars. And we’re certain that, in time, our dreams will come true!

Wish List A-D
Updated 4/21/2017

Note that this is NOT a Members Page. The people listed below are still being researched.

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  1. I hope you find confirmation that William Daniels is indeed a member, as you've already confirmed the membership of his wife, Bonnie Bartlett. I find it'd odd that she'd be a member, but he would not be.

    1. Good news Alex! I did indeed find William Daniels' name on one of the lists I got at the library. It's undated but I estimate that it's from approximately 1987 (give or take a year). Should be updated on the page now.