Monday, January 30, 2012

84th Oscar Sound Mixing Updates (1/30/12)

I correctly predicted 3 out of the 5 eventual nominees (60%), with all five showing up in my previous top ten. I think War Horse has the best shot here, being both a best picture nominee and a film about war, giving it the double distinction of being both loud and acclaimed.

1. Gary Rydstrom, Andy Nelson, Tom Johnson and Stuart Wilson for War Horse (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 1)
2. Tom Fleischman and John Midgley for Hugo (previous rank 3)
3. Greg P. Russell, Gary Summers, Jaffrey J. Haboush and Peter J. Devlin for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (previous rank 4)
4. Deb Adair, Ron Bochar, David Giammarco and Ed Movick for Moneyball (previous rank 8)
5. David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce and Bo Persson for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (previous rank 9)

For another way of looking at the race, check out Hunter’s analysis.

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