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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Updated 5/1/2016
NOW UPDATED With 5,593 Current Members - Over 78% of the full AMPAS membership! - plus over 4,700 Historical Members.

The Academy Members Project is a grassroots effort to identify and celebrate as many Oscar voters as possible. Rooted in the proud tradition of citizen journalism, the list is a compilation of information gathered from publicly available sources, including web searches, celebrity biographies and archival materials.

For maximum transparency, entries are divided into 3 categories:

  • Names in BOLD font represent individuals whose membership has been confirmed publicly by a reliable and documentable source.
  • Names in STANDARD font represent individuals who have been publicly invited to join the Academy. While it is assumed that most people would accept such an invitation, they are not moved to the bold category until documentation of their acceptance can be found.
  • Names in ITALIC font represent individuals who are believed to be Academy members, but their status has not yet been verified using our rigorous documentation standards.

Members who have passed away are shown using the same three-tiered system, but in GOLD, and those whose biography is still being researched are in PINK.

This three-tiered approach may seem overly cautious, but it is intended to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of the list. More importantly, it encourages reader participation as fans research and submit information about their favorite artists.

Additions, suggestions, corrections and verifications may be submitted in the comments section, or by emailing nevertooearlymoviepredictions@gmail.com. You can also contact me on Twitter @NeverTooEarlyMP. Don’t assume that you have to be a journalist, critic, artist or agent to participate (although you are welcomed too!), or that you have to live in Hollywood or be an industry insider. In addition to the internet and books, many hometown newspapers and regional television stations run human interest pieces about local Oscar voters, including lesser known members that are the hardest to find. For more tips on ways to research for this project, visit our Join The Search page.

Note that the project is a work in progress. It is not endorsed by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (AMPAS), its officers, or its partners at PricewaterhouseCoopers. All information is believed to have come from the public domain. Credits listed are for identification purposes only. In some cases branch membership is estimated or still being verified.

The Academy Members Project would not be possible without the direct support of the following contributors, researchers, editors and cheerleaders who have helped us over the years: Elton Almeida, Rene Astudillo, Rhett Bartlett, Orazio Bellomo, Birdie, Joel Burman, David Dezern, Steve Flynn, Jan Gabriel, Ricardo Garcia, Katie Gillispie, Brett Harding, Morgan R. Lewis, Lorenzo Lorenzini, James Molnar, Michael Nazarewycz, Nostra, Sonal Pandya, Sean Poor, A Recollector, Michael Schuyler, Pete Turner, and Pongpan Yormin. We would also like to thank the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library for the numerous documents they have made available in their online archives, as well as the many journalists who have written articles and conducted interviews with Academy members for us to find!



  1. This is a really fascinating project. I applaud you for your dedicated and detailed research here.

    1. Thank you Alex. I hope that in time we will be able to get closer and closer to being able to boast a complete list of all the members of the academy.

  2. Good luck! I'm excited with what you've done so far.

    1. Thanks RC! I'm almost done with my first round, which will set up the pages for all the letters. But even after that I will be updating it any time I get new information.

      I have actually been surprised at how many I was able to find so quickly!

  3. The Academy Members Project: The largest public list of Oscar voters you'll find on the web!