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The Academy Members Project Z

Pictured: Chicago may have been the first best picture winner in history to headline two actresses whose names begin with the letter Z. Catherine Zeta-Jones won best supporting actress for her work in the film, with Renee Zellweger taking home the supporting award the following year for Cold Mountain.

Academy Members Z
Updated 2/23/2017

  1. Ted Zachary - (Executives Branch or At Large Member?) (Legacy Gallery Plaques 1993-1998) (Learn more here and here)
  2. Craig Zadan - (Producers Branch) Chicago, Hairspray, Footloose, The Bucket List (Deadline 6/28/2013) ( 11/17/2014)
    1. Eugene Zador - (Music Branch) (1948 Membership List)
    2. Saul Zaentz - (Producers Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Thalberg Award recipient) (Former Academy Governor) Amadeus, The English Patient, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (APNews 8/9/88) (Academy Reporter Vol 1 No 3, August 1989 p. 1) (Academy Report Vol 2 No 1, Feb 1990 p. 2) (Academy Press Releases 1997 p. 20-21) (Academy Press Releases 1997 p. 120) (Academy Memorial Page 2/21/14) (Academy Museum Donor List 11/2/2014)
  3. Nasir Zaidi - (At Large Member?) (Scientific And Technical Award Winner) (Source: Daughter’s Twitter 3/4/2014) Daughter’s Twitter 4/17/2016) (Learn more here)
  4. Steven Zaillian - (Writers Branch) (Oscar Winner) Schindler's List, Gangs of New York, Awakenings, Moneyball, American Gangster, Black Hawk Down, Mission: Impossible, Clear and Present Danger ( 6/22/10)
  5. Stuart Zakim - (Public Relations Branch) Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Vice President Of Corporate Public Relations At Showtime Networks (PublicityClubNewYork) ( ( ( (Facebook PR Group 4/10/2016) (Screen Capture of Facebook PR Group 4/10/2016) (Facebook Bio)
  6. Donna Zakowska - (Costume Designers Branch) Kate & Leopold, The Iceman, Forces Of Nature, Fading Gigolo, Bunraku, Original Sin, One True Thing, Harriet The Spy, Crimes & Misdemeanors, Romance & Cigarettes (Academy Report Vol. 23 1st Quarter 2010 p.27) (NYC New Members Reception 10/5/2015) (Learn more here)
  7. Łukasz Żal - (Cinematographers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Ida, Joanna (June 26, 2015 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here, here and here)
  8. Shane Zalvin - (Short Films And Feature Animation Branch) Space Jam, Four Rooms, Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron (June 2004 Academy Invitation List) (Resume)
  9. Haris Zambarloukos - (Cinematographers Branch) Cinderella, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here, here and here)
  10. Debra Zane - (Casting Directors Branch) American Beauty, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, The Hunger Games  (VisualHollywood) (MorningTheMovie)
  11. Eugenio Zanetti - (Production Designer) (Oscar Winner) Restoration, What Dreams May Come, Last Action Hero, Soapdish, Flatliners, There Be Dragons, The Haunting (Academy Press Releases 2000 p. 154) (Learn more here and here)
    1. Darryl F. Zanuck (Darryl Francis Zanuck) - (Producers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) (Irving G. Thalberg Award Winner) (1927 Membership List p. 10) (1930 Academy Publication p. 13) (May 14, 1931 Membership List and image) (1948 Membership List) (Academy Bulletin No 15 Spring 1977 p 2 & 7)
  12. Lili Fini Zanuck - (Producers Branch) (Oscar Winner) Driving Miss Daisy, Rush, Cocoon, Reign Of Fire (Legacy Gallery Plaques 1989-1992) (Academy Press Releases 1999 p. 210-212) (Learn more here)
  13. Tamás Zányi - (Sound Branch) Son of Saul, Delta (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here and here)
  14. Joy Zapata (aka Joy A. Zapata-Chavez) - (Makeup Artists And Hairstylists Branch) The Departed, Rain Man, Legally Blonde, Independence Day, Transformers, Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, The Fast And The Furious, Star Trek Nemesis, About Schmidt, Mars Attacks!, Blade, Galaxy Quest, Apollo 13, Star Trek Generations (Sources: Resume) (Resume 2016) (Learn more here and here)
  15. Habib Zargarpour - (Visual Effects Branch) (Oscar Nominee) The Perfect Storm, Twister, The Bourne Identity, Mask, Signs, Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek First Contact (Vesage, Author Bios) (Wikipedia) (Twitter 1/9/2016)
  16. Marcelo Zarvos - (Music Branch) Rock the Kasbah, The Beaver (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Facebook 6/29/2016) (Facebook comment 6/29/2016) (Learn more here, here and here)
  17. Alan Zaslove - (Short Films And Feature Animation Branch) (December 1961 Academy Report, p. 2)
    1. Paul D. N. Zastupnevich - (Costume Designers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) (August 1960 Academy Report p. 2) (Academy Report Vol 13 No 1, January 1971 p. 7)
  18. Warren Zavala - (Associate Member - Non-Voting) Talent Agent at WMA, Formerly with CAA and Gersh (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here, here and here)
    1. Vivienne Walker Zavitz - (Makeup Artist And Hairstylists Branch) (Academy Memorial Page 4/8/2010)
  19. Kristi Zea - (Designers Branch OR Producers Branch?) (Oscar Nominee) As Good As It Gets, Revolutionary Road, Silence Of The Lambs, The Departed, Goodfellas, Philadelphia, Beloved, Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, Lorenzo’s Oil, Silverado, Terms Of Endearment, Broadcast News, Tower Heist, Black Nativity (Learn more here and here)
  20. Franco Zeffirelli - (Directors Branch or Producers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Romeo And Juliet, The Taming Of The Shrew, Jesus Of Nazareth, Brother Sun Sister Moon (Academy Press Releases 1981 p. 58)
  21. Rolf Zehetbauer - (Designers Branch) (Oscar Winner) Cabaret, Das Boot, The NeverEnding Story, Querelle (Fall 1974 Academy Bulletin p. 6)
    1. B.F. “Bennie” Zeidman - (Producers Branch) (1930 Academy Publication p. 13) (May 14, 1931 Membership List and image)
    2. Eric Zeisl - (Music Branch) (1948 Membership List)
  22. Benh Zeitlin - (Directors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Beasts of the Southern Wild, Glory at Sea (June 28, 2013 Academy Invitation List)
    1. Jimmy Zelinger - (At Large Member - Title Designer) (Academy Memorial Page Archived 11/1/2014)
  23. Les Zellan - (Associate Member - Non-Voting) (Academy Award Of Merit Winner) Chairman of Cooke Optics (June 28, 2013 Academy Invitation List) ( 10/15/2013) (AllEvents 6/8/2016) ( 6/8/2016)
  24. Renee Zellweger - (Actors Branch) (Oscar Winner) Cold Mountain, Chicago, Bridget Jones’s Diary (Academy Press Releases 2001 p. 76) (Sci-Tech Awards)
  25. Mel Zelniker - (Sound Branch) The Evil Dead, Raising Arizona, Blood Simple, King Of New York, 3-2-1 Contact, EdTV (Source: Facebook 4/22/2014 - 3rd comment down) (Facebook 6/29/2016)
    1. Herbert Zemansky - (Associate Member - Non-Voting) (December 1961 Academy Report p. 4)
  26. Robert Zemeckis - (Directors Branch OR Writers Branch?) (Oscar Winner) Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back To The Future 1 2 & 3, The Walk (Academy Press Releases 1992 p. 106) (Academy Press Releases 1996 p. 64-65) (Legacy Gallery Plaques 1993-1998)
  27. Anthony Zerbe - (Actors Branch) ( 2/28/2014) (Also this article in conjunction with this one)
  28. Catherine Zeta-Jones - (Actors Branch) (Oscar Winner) Chicago (Academy Press Releases 2001 p. 52) ( 2/4/2015)
  29. Ziyi Zhang - (Actors Branch) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House Of Flying Dragons (June 2005 Academy Invitation List) (Wikipedia) ( ( 6/2/2012)
  30. Zhao Fei - (Cinematographers Branch) The Sun Also Rises, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here and here)
  31. Raymond Zibach - (Short Films And Feature Animation Branch) Kung Fu Panda 3, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here, here and here)
    1. Evarts Ziegler - (Associate Member) (February 1961 Academy Report p. 4) (Obituary)
    2. William H. Ziegler - (Film Editors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) (January 1964 Academy Report p. 4) (Academy Report Vol 13 No 1, January 1971 p. 7)
  32. Jerzy Zielinski - (Cinematographers Branch) (June 2005 Academy Invitation List) (Resume)
  33. Amy Ziering - (Documentary Branch) (Oscar Nominee) The Invisible War, Derrida, Outrage, The Memory Thief, Taylor’s Campaign (June 28, 2013 Academy Invitation List) (Deadline 12/8/2015) (HollywoodReporter 8/18/2016)
  34. Jerry Ziesmer - (At Large Member) (84th Foreign Language Executive Committee) (83rd Foreign Language Committee) ( 5/18/12)
  35. Walter Zifkin - (Associate Member - Non-Voting) Talent Agent (TheEnvelope archived 12/28/2012)
  36. Aaron Lael Zigman - (Music Branch) Peeples, Sex and the City, The Notebook, John Q, Bridge To Terebithia, Escape From Planet Earth, The Proposal, Madea’s Witness Protection, For Colored Girls, Akeelah And The Bee (June 28, 2013 Academy Invitation List)
    1. Jerry Zigmond - (Public Relations Branch??) (48th Academy Award Program p. 16)
  37. Dick Ziker - (At Large Member - Stunt Coordinator) (Legacy Gallery Plaques 1993-1998) (Learn more here and here)
  38. Robert L. Zilliox - (Designers Branch - Set Decorator) (Legacy Gallery Plaques 1993-1998) (Learn more here)
    1. Rose Goldstein Zimanich - (Public Relations Branch) (November 1960 Academy Report p. 4) (Box Office 2/8/1966 p. NE-4)
    2. Sam Zimbalist - (Producers Branch) (Oscar Winner) (1948 Membership List)
  39. Jonathan Zimbert - (Executives Branch) (84th Foreign Language Executive Committee) (83rd Foreign Language Committee) ( 5/18/12)
  40. Hans Zimmer - (Music Branch) (Oscar Winner) The Lion King, Interstellar, Gladiator, Inception, The Thin Red Line, Sherlock Holmes, The Prince Of Egypt, As Good As It Gets, The Preacher’s Wife, Rain Man, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Rango, Frost/Nixon, Twelve Years A Slave (TheWrap 1/7/2011) (Germaine 7/3/2016)
  41. Don Zimmerman - (Film Editors Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Coming Home, The Prince Of Tides, Night At The Museum, Men In Black 3, Heaven Can Wait, Rocky 3 & 4, Staying Alive, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, A Walk In The Clouds, Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Galaxy Quest, Dragonfly, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat, Flight Of The Phoenix, Jumper (Learn more here and here)
    1. T. John Zinn - (Producers Branch) (1948 Membership List)
    2. Fred Zinnemann (one source spells it Zinneman) - (Directors Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Academy’s Fred Zinnemann Papers, File 144-f.1953 includes a membership invitation dated 10/25/1945, a second membership certificate circa 1973-1977, and AMPAS cards from 1975 & 1987) (1948 Membership List) (NYTimes 3/25/1986) (Academy Press Releases 1986 p. 1-3) (Academy’s Fred Zinnemann Papers, File 161-f.2186 contains his AMPAS card from 1997)
    3. Peter Zinner - (Film Editors Branch by 2008, Originally in Sound Branch in 1952) (Oscar Winner) (Box Office 12/20/1952 p. 56) (51st Academy Awards Program and closeup image of p. 18) (70th Academy Awards Program image 20) (Academy Memorial Page 3/8/2008)
  42. Donald J. Zirpola - (
  43. Carl Zittrer - (Music Branch) A Christmas Story, Porky’s 1 & 2, Dead Of Night, Black Christmas, Murder By Decree, Moonstruck, Breaking All The Rules, New Jack City, Selena (12/1/2016 Comment on 11/29/2016) (Learn more here)
  44. Victor J. Zolfo - (Designers Branch - Set Decorator) (Oscar Winner) The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, The Avengers, The Day After Tomorrow, Zodiac, Mr & Mrs Smith, Daredevil (June 2006 Academy Invitation List) (
  45. Mary Zophres - (Costume Designers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) La La Land, True Grit, No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Catch Me If You Can, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Fargo, Iron Man 2, Gangster Squad. Ghost World, Lions For Lambs, Kingpin, Dumb & Dumber, Natural Born Killers, Born on The Fourth Of July (AwardsDaily 1/24/2013)
    1. Vilmos Zsigmond - (Cinematographers Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Former Academy Governor) Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, The Deer Hunter, The River, The Black Dahlia, The Ghost And The Darkness, Deliverance, Maverick (Academy Press Releases 1987 p. 83) (Academy Press Releases 1999 p. 213) (Academy Report Vol. 19, 3rd/4th Q 2007 p. 4) (IMDB Bio) (ChristianScienceMonitor 2/27/2004) (ScreenDaily 7/11/2007) (TheHollywoodReporter 7/11/2007) (Academy Memorial Page Archived 6/26/2016)
    2. George Zucco - (Actors Branch) (1948 Membership List)
  46. Jerry Zucker - (Writers Branch) Ghost, Airplane, The Naked Gun, The Naked Gun 2 ½ (LA Times 3/29/92) (MovieCityNews 2/1/2016)
    1. Adolph Zukor - (Listed in Producers Branch in 1930-1931, and as an At Large Member in 1948) (1930 Academy Publication p. 13) (May 14, 1931 Membership List and image) (1948 Membership List) (Academy’s Adolph Zukor Correspondence, File 2-f.23 contains a letter dated 5/20/1970 from Gregory Peck regarding Life Membership)
  47. Kenneth “Ken” Zunder - (Cinematographers Branch) Bending the Rules, That's What I Am (June 28, 2013 Academy Invitation List) (
  48. Daphne Zuniga - (Actors Branch) Staying Together, Spaceballs (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Twitter 6/30/2016) (Learn more here, here and here)
  49. Dean Zupancic - (Sound Branch) (Oscar Nominee) The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, Pulp Fiction, Tangled, The Princess And The Frog, Gangster Squad, Rock Of Ages, Coach Carter, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mr. Holland’s Opus (Who Is The Academy Page 3/20/12) (AwardsDaily 1/24/2013)
  50. Andrey Zvyagintsev - (Directors Branch OR Writers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Leviathan, Elena (Note that he was invited to BOTH the writers and directors branches) (June 26, 2015 Academy Invitation List) (Learn more here and here)
    1. Note that Charlotte Zwerin may have left the Academy prior to her death.
  51. Susan Zwerman - (At Large Member) Visual Effects Producer (June 29, 2016 Academy Invitation List) (Facebook “Liked” a post she was tagged in 7/5/2016) (Learn more here and here)
  52. Edward Zwick - (Directors Branch) (Oscar Winner) (Academy Governor) Shakespeare In Love, Traffic, Glory, Legends Of The Fall, Love And Other Drugs, Defiance, The Last Samurai (2011-2012 Board Of Governors Roster) (Academy 2010-2011 Annual Report) (TheHollywoodReporter 7/9/2014) (Deadline 6/30/2016) ( 7/18/2016)
  53. Joel Zwick - (Directors Branch) My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Second Sight, Fat Albert, Elvis Has Left The Building, TV’s Full House, TV’s Perfect Strangers, TV’s Family Matters, TV’s Webster (June 2005 Academy Invitation List) (Twitter 1/22/2016) (Learn more here and here)
  54. Terry Zwigoff - (Writers Branch) (Oscar Nominee) Ghost World

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  1. I remember seeing Ziyi Zhang confirm her membership on her Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, when she gave predictions on this year's Oscars. Of course she didn't disclose her votes...

    1. Thanks A Recollector! I wasn't able to find a copy of the exact Weibo tweet (do they call them tweets?), but I did find a bio page that talks about it, so I've moved her to bold confirmed category.

  2. Rest In Peace Richard Zanuck - Producers Branch, Oscar Winner, Thalberg Award Recipient