Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Academy Members Project: Wish List E-K

Pictured: We’ve rubbed all our lamps in the hopes that a genie might pop out of one. One of our three wishes: To see the full list of Oscar voters!

Wish List E-K
Updated 4/8/2018

Note that this is NOT a Members Page. The people listed below are still being researched.

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  1. RIP Florence Henderson.

  2. Thanks Alex! I'll be watching the next Academy Memorial Update very closely to see whether to move her to the Members Pages or the Non-Members Pages!

  3. Update: Based on the information that the Academy published on their Memorial List on 1/6/2017, Florence Henderson has been moved off this Wish List, and onto the NON-Members Pages.

  4. RIP Robert Guillaume.

    1. Update for the Archives:
      Sadly, Robert Guillaume did not appear on the Academy's Memorial Page, and has been moved onto the NON-Members page instead.