Saturday, April 2, 2011

86th Oscar Supporting Actor And Supporting Actress Predictions 4/2/11

My first attempt to predict the Supporting players for the 86th Oscars.

Supporting Actress:
1. Julia Roberts in August: Osage County (Predicted Winner)
2. Jennifer Garner in Better Living Through Chemistry
3. Willow Smith in Annie (regardless of category confusion)

Supporting Actor:
1. Benicio Del Toro in Silence (Predicted Winner)
2. Gael Garcia Bernal in Silence
3. Ben Youcef in Greenbacks
4. Johnny Yong Bosch in Liberace
5. Harvey Keitel in The Congress

6. Daniel Auteuil in A Boy And His Shoe
7. Jeremy Irons in The Words
8. Michael Douglas in Liberace
9. Robert De Niro in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
10. Joe Pesci in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
11. Jason Barry in All You Need Is Luck
12. Sharlto Copley in Elysium

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