Thursday, April 7, 2011

85th Oscar Lead Actor Additions 4/7/11

EDITORS NOTE: These predictions were made in April 2011 and reflect what my thinking was at that time.  I have updated my predictions since then, but leave these on the blog for a historical record. For the most updated list of predictions, go to the Tracker Pages in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Several new additions ot the 85th Lead Actor race:

Bill Murray in Hyde Park on The Hudson
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby
Denzel Washington in Brothers In Arms
Wendell Pierce in To Hell And Back
Benicio Del Toro in Savages
Brad Pitt in Cogan’s Trade
Brad Pitt in The Tiger
James Marsden in Dead Circus
Anthony Hopkins in Hemingway & Fuentes
James Caviezel in Savannah
Michael Copon in A Forgotten Innocence
Joaquin Phoenix in Big Shoe
Johnny Depp in Triple Frontier
Ryan Gosling in Logan’s Run
David Oyelowo in Nina
Keanu Reeves in Generation Um…
Jamie Foxx in Damage Control
William H. Macy in Come Back To Sorrento
Jude Law in Anna Karenina
Tom Hardy in The Wettest County In The World
Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows
Ben Affleck in Untitled Terrence Malick Project
George Clooney in Gravity
Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas
Colin Firth in Gambit
Colin Firth in Stoker
Tim Robbins in Cinema Verite
Jim Carrey in Damn Yankees
Jake Gyllenhaal in Damn Yankees
Kevin Kline in Darling Companion

Two Notes:

Upon further research, I have moved Tom Hanks (Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close), Robert De Niro (Another Bullshit Night In Suck City), And Christoph Waltz (Carnage) out of this lead category and into supporting.

I have seen reports that Viggo Mortensen may not appear in “Snow White And The Huntsman”, and as a result I have removed him from this list.

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