Thursday, April 7, 2011

“God Of Carnage” is now “Carnage” (85th Oscar Predictions) 4/7/11

EDITORS NOTE: These predictions were made in April 2011 and reflect what my thinking was at that time.  I have updated my predictions since then, but leave these on the blog for a historical record. For the most updated list of predictions, go to the Tracker Pages in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

I finally updated to the new title on the tracker pages on the right.

Also, while there is no one consensus on which actors and actresses will go lead versus supporting, I have found convincing several arguments that placed it as follows:

Lead Actress: Jodi Foster
Lead Actor: John C. Reilly
Supporting Actress: Kate Winslet
Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz

I’ve placed them accordingly on the Tracker Pages. IMDB still lists this as a 2012 release date, so I’m sticking with the 85th Oscars instead of the 84th for now.

When I started this Oscar predictions blog, I thought that the hardest part would be guessing who will have a great performance. It turns out that the performance part is easy compared to trying to figure out which year a film will be released, and guessing which category to place our thespians!

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