Sunday, May 22, 2011

85th Oscar Original Song Updates (2012-2013 Awards Season) (5/22/11)

Today’s updates to the 85th Oscar Original Song race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

1. Mervyn Warren for Joyful Noise (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 1)
2. Patrick Doyle for Brave (previous rank 2)
3. Lenny Kravitz for Selma (previous rank 3)
4. Chris D’Arienzo for Rock Of Ages (previous rank 4)
5. Beyonce Knowles for A Star Is Born (previous rank 13)

6. The Greatest Showman On Earth (New)
7. Jim Dooley for Dorothy Of Oz (New)
8. Madagascar 3 (New)
9. The Lorax (New)
10. A. R. Rahman for Paani (previous rank 5)
11. Howard Shore for The Hobbit Part 1 (previous rank 8)
12. John Powell for Ice Age: Continental Drift (New)
13. The Suicide Shop (Le Magasin Des Suicides) (previous rank 9)
14. Goddess (New)
15. Sidney Sharp for Le Grand Jete (previous rank 11)
16. Alberto Iglesias for Mina (previous rank 12)
17. Cleo (previous rank 14)
18. Nina (previous rank 15)
19. Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can (previous rank 16)
20. Dali (New)
21. Danny Elfman for Frankenweenie (New)
22. The Wild Bunch (New)
23. Quartet (previous rank 6)
24. Ludek Drizhal for Starbright (New)
25. King Of The Elves (New)
26. Will Smith for Men In Black 3 (New)
27. The Samue Coleridge-Taylor Story (New)
28. What A Wonderful World (New)
29. Down Under (previous rank 17)
30. Nishat Khan for Four Weddings And A Shaadi (previous rank 18)
31. Summer Of Dreams (previous rank 19)
32. The Monkey King (New)
33. City Of Paradise (previous rank 20)
34. When The Music Is Over (previous rank 21)
35. The Adventures Of Tintin: Prisoners Of The Sun (New)
36. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (New)
37. Cloud Atlas (New)
38. Another Bullshit Night In Suck City (New)
39. Fraggle Rock (previous rank 23)
40. Miss Saigon (New)
41. The Bell Jar (New)
42. Life Of Pi (New)
43. Dark Shadows (New)
44. The 13 Women Of Nanjing (New)
45. The Third Act (New)
46. Logan’s Run (New)
47. Howard Shore for Cosmopolis (New)
48. Step Up 4 (previous rank 22)
49. Another Brick In The Wall (previous rank 24)
50. Damn Yankees (previous rank 25)

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