Thursday, May 5, 2011

85th Oscar Animated Short FIRST ENTRIES (5/5/11)

While there is not much to go on yet, I have found two potential entries for the 85th Oscar Animated Short race, so I am beginning the predictions now. After all, this blog is called “Never Too Early Movie Predictions” for a reason!

1. Jason Young for The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Story
2. Amy Grumbling for Hairmination #2

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  1. the list of the Oscar 2013 qualifying animated shorts:

    1. Great research again John! It's always such a challenge to keep track of all the film festival winners, so this will give me a real leg up as I start doing my research. Thanks again!

    2. Thanks... but this is not a complete list, there are other qualifying festivals before October, such as the LA shortfest or Venice (now in run).

    3. John, have you been updating the list as new films qualify? I think we're coming up on the October 1 deadline pretty soon!

  2. Possible nominations:
    -Daffy's Rhapsody
    -The Maker
    -*The Missing Key* (winner)
    -The Pub

    1. These look pretty good to me John. I haven't seen any of these yet, but "The Missing Key" does sound like an Oscar winning title, and it looks like it's won several awards already, so it's probably a good bet!