Friday, February 24, 2012

85th Oscar Art Direction Updates (2012-2013 Awards Season) (2/24/12)

Here are today’s rankings for the 85th Oscar Art Direction race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

1. Dan Hennah and Ra Vincnet for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 8)
2. Nathan Crowley, Kevin Kavanaugh and Paki Smith for The Dark Knight Rises (previous rank 9)
3. Hugh Bateup, Uli Hanisch, Revecca Hall and Peter Walpole for Cloud Atlas (previous rank 3)
4. Catherine Martin for The Great Gatsby (previous rank 47)
5. Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer for Anna Karenina (previous rank 13)

6. Katia Wyszkop for Farewell My Queen (Les Adieux A La Reine) (New)
7. Rick Heinrichs and John Bush for Dark Shadows (previous rank 6)
8. David Gropman and Anna Pinnock for Life Of Pi (previous rank 16)
9. Tom Foden, Jille Azis and Paul Hotte for Mirror Mirror (New)
10. Dominic Masters and Mike Stallion for Great Expectations (previous rank 34)
11. Eve Stewart for Les Miserables (New)
12. Alex DiGerlando and Annie Evelyn for Beasts Of The Southern Wild (New)
13. Chris Kennedy and Maria Nay for Wettest County (previous rank 5)
14. Rick Carter, Jim Erickson and Peter Frank for Lincoln (previous rank 10)
15. Craig Stearns for Savannah (previous rank 4)
16. Helen Scott and Alice Norris for Wuthering Heights (previously listed in 84th Oscar race, rank 35)
17. William Chang for The Grandmasters (previous rank 20)
18. J. Michael Riva and Leslie A. Pope for Django Unchained (New)
19. Philip Messina and Larry Dias for The Hunger Games (New)
20. David Crank, Jack Fisk and Amy Wells for The Master (New)
21. Unknown for Inside Llewyn Davis (New)
22. Stuart Craig and Stephenie McMillan for Gambit (previous rank 46)
23. Niels Sejer for A Royal Affair (En Kongelig Affaere) (New)
24. Andy Nicholson and Rosie Goodwyn for Gravity (New)
25. Jack Fisk for Untitled Terrence Malick Project (The Burial) (New)

26. Arvinder Grewal for Cosmopolis (previous rank 15)
27. Unknown for Dali (previous rank 2)
28. Carlos Conti for On The Road (previously listed in 84th Oscar race, rank 25)
29. Charles Wood and Lee Sandales for Wrath Of The Titans *New)
30. Sharon Seymour and Jan Pascale for Argo (New)
31. Arthur Max and Sonja Klaus for Prometheus (previous rank 23)
32. Dominic Watkins for Snow White And The Huntsman (New)
33. Michel Barthelemy and Boris Piot for Rust And Bone (New)
34. Maher Ahmed and Gene Serdena for Gangster Squad (New)
35. Roger Ford and Kerrie Brown for The Raven (previous rank 32)
36. Simon Bowles and Celia Bobak for Hyde Park On Hudson (previous rank 21)
37. Unknown for Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father (New)
38. James Merifield and Sara Wan for Effie (previous rank 38)
39. Attila Kovacs and Anna Lynch-Robinson for Bel Ami (New)
40. Bo Welch and Susan Bode for Men In Black 3 (New)
41. Adam Stockhausen and Kris Moran for Moonrise Kingdom (New)
42. Fabienne Guillot for Black Gold (New)
43. Anne Seibel and Raffaella Giovanneti for Nero Fiddled (previous rank 37)
44. Kave Quinn and Niamh Coulter for The Woman In Black (New)
45. Nathan Crowley and Paki Smith for John Carter (New)
46. Unknown for Leningrad (Nw)
47. James Chinlund and Victor J. Zolfo for The Avengers (New)
48. Unknown for Lowlife (New)
49. Francois Auduoy and Cheryl Carasik for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (previous rank 44)
50. Ulrika von Vegesack and Sabine Schaaf for Iron Sky (New)

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  1. GREAT GATSBY isn't even out until summer 2013!

    1. Yeah. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to update these predictions since its release date got moved. I'm looking forward to seeing it show up at the 86th Oscars though!