Wednesday, July 6, 2011

84th Oscar Live Action Short Updates (2011-2012 Awards Season) (7/6/11)

Here are today’s rankings for the 84th Oscar Live Action Short race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

1. Brent Bonacorso for West Of The Moon (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 2)
2. Saba Riazi for The Wind Is Blowing On My Street (Dar Kouche Baad Miayad) (New)
3. David Lowery for Pioneer (previous rank 1)
4. Marialy Rivas for Blokes (previous rank 4)
5. Ya’Ke Smith for Katrina’s Son (previous rank 3)

6. Anthony Vouardoux for Yuri Lennon’s Landing On Alpha46 (previous rank 5)
7. Lisa Jackson for Savage (previous rank 6)
8. James Cunningham for Das Tub (previous rank 7)
9. Maria Reyes Arias for A Box Of Buttons (Una Caja De Botones) (previous rank 8)
10. Paul Wright for Until The River Runs Red (previous rank 13)
11. Fern Silva for In The Absence Of Light, Darkness Prevails (previous rank 10)
12. Pablo Gonzalez for This Is A Revolver (Esto Es Un Revolver) (previous rank 11)
13. Christopher Stollery for Dik (previous rank 29)
14. Chan-kyong Park and Chan-Wook Park for Parnmanjang (Night Fishing) (previous rank 14)
15. Jan Andersson for The Illustrated City (previous rank 15)
16. Vincent Vizioz for Temblay-en-France (previous rank 16)
17. Ariel Kleiman for Deeper Than Yesterday (previous rank 12)
18. Matt Piedmont for Brick Novax Diary (previous rank 28)
19. Marina Viroda for Cross Country (Cross) (New)
20. Tal S. Shamir for The Vermeers (New)
21. Hallvar Witzo for Tuba Atlantic (New)
22. Kaveh Tehrani for 1994 (New)
23. Karzan Kader for Bekas (New)
24. Max Zaehle for Raju (New)
25. Regan Hall for 3 Hours (previous rank 25)
26. Martina Amati for Chalk (previous rank 21)
27. Ruben Ostlund for Incident By A Bank (Handelse Vid Bank) (previous rank 17)
28. Michelle Steffes for The Interview (New)
29. Spike Jonze for Scenes From The Suburbs (previous rank 18)
30. Julian Higgins for Thief (New)
31. Andrew Bowler for Time Freak (New)
32. Santiago Esteves for Crimes (Los Crimenes) (New)
33. Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein for The Strange Ones (New)
34. Zaid Abu Hamdan for Bahiya & Mahmoud (New)
35. Nova Van Dijk for Cat And Mice (Kattenkwaad) (New)
36. Adrian Sitaru for The Cage (Colivia) (New)
37. Jeremiah Jones for Carjack (previous rank 9)
38. Rudi Rosenberg for Algaee (New)
39. Heraldo Cavalcanti for The Hours’ Home (A Casa Das Horas) (New)
40. Johnny Cullen for Happy Birthday Timmy (previous rank 19)
41. Marten Nilsson and Gunilla Heilborn for This Is Alaska (previous rank 20)
42. Natasha Mendonca for Jan Villa (previous rank 22)
43. Anthony Maras for The Palace (New)
44. Jim O’Doherty for Inside Out (previous rank 23)
45. Braden King for Home Movie (previous rank 24)
46. Petr Stupin for Bird (previous rank 26)
47. David Leon and Marcus McSweeney for Man And Boy (New)
48. Adriano Sforzi for The Carousel Jody (Jody Delle Giostre) (New)
49. Albertto Dorado for Lost (previous rank 27)
50. Nell Beloufa for Sans Titre (Untitled) (New)

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