Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Academy Members Project Updated And Future Plans

As many of you know, I took some time off from updating this blog to help moderate the Large Association of Movie Blogs’ LAMMY Awards. That project has now completed (with the exception of a final evaluation report that I’m almost done with), and so it is time to turn once again to that other awards show that we all love -- The Oscars!

Given that the Academy is scheduled to release their list of new invitees any day now, my first priority has been to update The Academy Members Project with the names of Oscar voters that I’ve discovered since February. Despite my blogging silence, I have continued my research, and have discovered over 165 new names since my last progress update in February, bringing the total number of identified Academy members to 3,661, or about 55% of the total active, associate and retired members. (Sadly, we also lost a few people, like Esther Williams and James Gandolfini, over these months as well.)

Since the release of new invitees is one of my three favorite news events from the Academy -- and requires quite a bit of work to get all of those names incorporated into my full list -- I’m anticipating that this and a scheduled family vacation will take up the rest of June.

My Oscar Predictions, which are now laughably out of date, will begin again in July. (I promise!)

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