Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If You’re Going To The TCM Film Festival, The Academy Members Project Could Use Your Help!

The Turner Classic Movies Film Festival is happening this weekend, and I’ve always understood it to be one of those magical places where the stars take questions and mingle with the fans. As such, it is a perfect chance for you to help us build The Academy Members Project - the largest public list of Oscar voters you’ll find on the internet.

I went through the festival’s list of announced Special Guests for this year, and many are already confirmed Oscar voters. But several others aren’t, so if you’re attending the festival and happen to be in the same room with these folks, we’d love it if you got a chance to ask them if they’re part of the Academy!

Note that it is usually considered un-cool to ask who they voted for on their secret Oscar ballots, but more general questions like whether they are a member, for how long, in what branch of the academy, if they know who sponsored them for membership, and what they think of the process in general are all fair game!

Top filmmakers who aren’t confirmed on our list yet and who we’d love you to ask:
  • Robert Osborne
  • Ben Mankiewicz
  • Ann-Margret
  • Cari Beauchamp
  • William Daniels
  • Carl Davis
  • Christine Ebersole
  • Ronald J. Fields - ask about his grandfather!
  • Allen Fields - ask about his grandfather!
  • Zach Galligan
  • Bruce Goldstein
  • Ken Howard
  • Peter H. Hunt
  • William Joyce
  • George Lazenby
  • Terry Leonard
  • Nelie Adams McQueen - ask about her & her husband!
  • Robert Morse
  • Millie Perkins
  • Christopher Plummer
  • Edoardo Ponti
  • Andrew Prine
  • Greg Proops
  • Katherine Quinn
  • Bruce Raynor
  • Alex Trebek
  • Edgar Wright
  • Brane Zivkovic

Scholars & Authors In Attendance - They’re less likely to be members, but there’s no harm in popping the question!
  • Jeremy Arnold
  • Jeanine Basinger
  • Dick Brookz
  • Dorothy Dietrich
  • Scott Eyman
  • Rory Flynn
  • Joseph Gomez
  • Darlene C. Hoffman
  • Lynne Kirste
  • James Layton
  • Leonard Maltin
  • Tara McNamara
  • Ann Morra
  • Eddie Muller
  • David Pierce
  • Aron Ralston
  • Rick Schmidlin

If you do manage to get a moment with any of these great individuals, be sure to let us know. You can write up a blog story about it and send us a link, you can tweet us at @NeverTooEarlyMP, or email us at, or simply leave a comment below letting us know what you found!