Monday, July 18, 2011

What I Saw: Snow Flower And The Secret Fan (84th Oscar Race)

What I Saw: Snow Flower And The Secret Fan

Oscar Chances:

The danger of opening opposite Harry Potter is that it becomes very difficult to gain buzz for your film. However, in categories such as art direction and costume design, there still might be a chance. Here is where this movie stands currently in the rankings:

Art Direction: Man Lim Chung (current rank 9)
Costume Design: Man Lim Chung (current rank 9)
Original Score: Rachel Portman (current rank 13)
Lead Actress: Gianna Jun (Jun Ji-hyun) (current rank 18)
Lead Actress Bing Bing Li (current rank 19)
Original Song: Rachel Portman (current rank 29)
Film Editing: Dierdre Slevin (current rank 34)
Cinematography: Richard Wong (current rank 36)
Best Picture (current rank 46)
Director: Wayne Wang (current rank 50)
Adapted Screenplay: Angela Workman, Ronald Bass and Michael Ray (currently unranked)

My Lamb Score: 4 out of 5 Lambs
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