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84th Oscar Art Direction Updates (2011-2012 Awards Season) (7/3/11)

Here are today’s rankings for the 84th Oscar Art Direction race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

I feel really uncertain about my predictions here. Specifically, I feel like I have predicted too many “prestige” pictures for this category that likes to do its own thing with nominations for things like Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, Avatar, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Nine, Sherlock Holmes, etc…

There aren’t any films coming out from Tim Burton, and the closest thing to a Broadway-style musical this year seems to the The Artist (which I’ve listed as #7). In truth, any of the top 15 that I’ve listed here could potentially make it in, and I’ll be on the lookout between now and the next time I update these listings to see which ones are gaining momentum.

Today’s Rankings:

1. Jack Fisk and Jeanette Scott for The Tree Of Life (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 1)
2. Stuart Craig And Stephanie McMillan for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II (previous rank 2)
3. Dante Feretti, Dorothee Baussan and Francesca Lo Schiavo for Hugo Cabret (previous rank 3)
4. Rick Carter and Lee Sandales for War Horse (previous rank 5)
5. James J. Murakami and Gary Fettis for J. Edgar (previous rank 6)

6. James McAteer and Gernot Thondel for A Dangerous Method (previous rank 4)
7. Laurence Bennett for The Artist (New)
8. Donald Woods and Judy Farr for My Week With Marilyn (New)
9. Molly Page for Snow Flower And The Secret Fan (New)
10. Wil Hughes-Jones and Tina Jones for Jane Eyre (previous rank 10)
11. Jack Fisk and Jim Erickson for Water For Elephants (previous rank 7)
12. Donald Graham Burt and K.C. Fox for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (previous rank 24)
13. Sarah Greenwood, Alison Harvey and Katie Spencer for Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows (previous rank 9)
14. Mark Ricker and Rena DeAngelo for The Help (previous rank 22)
15. John Myre and Gordon Sims for Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (previous rank 12)
16. Martin Whist and Fainche MacCarthy for Super 8 (previous rank 17)
17. Ricky Eyres and Lee Gordon for Coriolanus (previous rank 30)
18. Rick Heinrichs and John Bush for Captain America: The First Avenger (previous rank 16)
19. Susie Cullen and Jenny Oman for Albert Nobbs (previous rank 15)
20. Bo Welch and Lauri Gaffin for Thor (previous rank 18)
21. Simon Elliott and Annie Gilhooly for The Iron Lady (previous rank 19)
22. Tom Foden for Immortals (previous rank 13)
23. Scott Chambliss and Karen Manthey for Cowboys & Aliens (previous rank 11)
24. Maria Djurkovic for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (previous rank 28)
25. Carlos Conti and Francine Danis for On The Road (previous rank 14)
26. Clay A. Griffith and Wayne Shepherd for We Bought A Zoo (previous rank 21)
27. Sharon Seymour and Maggie Martin for The Ides Of March (previous rank 8)
28. Martin Childs for W.E. (previous rank 27)
29. Anne Seibel and Helene Dubreull for Midnight In Paris (New)
30. Jon Hutman and Anna Lynch-Robinson for In The Land Of Blood And Honey (New)
31. Chris Seagers, Erin Boyd and Sonja Klaus for X-Men: First Class (New)
32. Hughes Tissandler and Jackie You for The Lady (New)
33. Howard Cummings and Cindy Carr for Contagion (previous rank 23)
34. Jane Anne Stewart and Matt Callahan for The Descendants (previous rank 25)
35. Helen Scott and Alice Norris for Wuthering Heights (previous rank 29)
36. Kevin Thompson and Susan Body Tyson for The Adjustment Bureau (previous rank 20)
37. Kalina Ivanov and Melissa Levander for The Conspirator (previous rank 26)
38. Annie Beauchamp and Lisa Thompson for Sleeping Beauty (New)
39. Alex McDowell for In Time (New)
40. Mark Tildesley and Dominic Capon for One Day (New)
41. David Doemberg for Meek’s Cutoff (New)
42. Grant Major and Anne Kuljian for Green Lantern (New)
43. Antxon Gomez and Carlos Bodelon for La Piel Que Habito (The Skin That I Inhabit) (New)
44. K.K. Barrett and George De Titta Jr. for Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close (New)
45. Rick Carter for Sucker Punch (New)
46. Juan Pedro De Gaspar for Tambien La Lluvia (Even The Rain) (New)
47. Jette Lehmann and Simone Grau for Melancholia (New)
48. Sebastian T. Krawinkel for Anonymous (New)
49. Juan Pedro De Gaspar for Blackthorn (New)
50. Paul D. Austerberry for The Three Musketeers (New)

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