Saturday, May 7, 2011

85th Oscar Documentary Short FIRST ENTRIES (5/7/11)

I have found several potential entries for the 85th Oscar Documentary Short race, so I am beginning the predictions now. Note that I don’t actually think that one director will be nominated for four films of the five slots for the year (!) I’m just trying to get the known films up on the board, and will adjust the rankings as additional films become known.

1. Cevin D. Soling for Llama Lake
2. Paul Parisi for The Edge Of Eve
3. Paul Parisi for A Wonderful Jump
4. Paul Parisi for Band Aids
5. Paul Parisi for The Exit Door

6. Paul Parisi for The Exit Door II
7. Paul Parisi for The Exit Door IV

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  1. When will we get an update in the category for the 85th? Surely by now with Sundance and Tribeca already passed you have some fresh picks?

    1. Sorry to be a little slow in this category. I've been putting most of my energy into the Academy Members Project. Will try to do some research here and get something new up.

  2. LAFF Just wrapped

    1. Thanks! Were you lucky enough to attend? Any tips on sleepers beyond the ones that show up in the winners lists?