Sunday, May 15, 2011

85th Oscar Best Makeup FIRST ENTRIES (2012-2013 Awards Season) (5/15/11)

The rest of the film prognosticators are watching Cannes and trying to figure out what it means for the 84th Oscar race. Unfortunately, I’m not in France to see the films roll out, but I’m still going to celebrate in a very special way:

All this week, I’ll be rolling out “Never Too Early” predictions for the 85th Oscar race! That’s right. Just as we start to get some clarity on THIS year’s Oscar race, I jump ahead to NEXT year’s Oscar race.

First up are my inaugural predictions for the Best Makeup race:

1. Untitled Star Trek Sequel (Predicted Winner)
2. The Danish Girl
3. Dali

4. The Dark Knight Rises
5. The Hobbit Part 1
6. The Raven
7. Cloud Atlas
8. Selma
9. Life Of Pi
10. Hyde Park On Hudson
11. The Avengers
12. Paradise Lost
13. Untitled Yang Guifei Project
14. Hemingway & Fuentes
15. Men In Black 3
16. Dark Shadows
17. Pablo Escobar
18. The Monkey King
19. J. Edgar
20. Miss Saigon
21. Macbett: The Caribbean Macbeth
22. Cobalt Neural 9
23. Wild Roses, Tender Roses
24. Florence Of Arabia
25. Hands Of Stone
26. Lincoln
27. The Dead Circus
28. Nina
29. 47 Ronin
30. The Hunger Games
31. The Greatest Showman On Earth
32. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
33. The Amazing Spiderman
34. Halo
35. Mina
36. The Bell Jar
37. Great Expectations
38. Wrath Of The Titans
39. Logan’s Run
40. The Absinthe Drinkers
41. Savannah
42. The Brothers Grimm: Snow White
43. Leningrad
44. Prometheus
45. Snow White And The Huntsman
46. The Wettest County In The World
47. The 13 Women Of Nanjing
48. The Great Gatsby
49. Brothers In Arms
50. World War Z

As always, check the Tracker Pages in the upper right hand corner of this blog for the most updated predictions in all categories!
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