Friday, May 27, 2011

85th Oscar Best Picture Updates (2012-2013 Awards Season) (5/27/11)

I updated the predictions for the 85th Oscar Best Picture race. There were quite a few additions and shakeups from the list I posted several weeks ago, as well as several projects that appear to have changed their release date to a different year. Here are today’s rankings, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

1. Lincoln (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 4)
2. The Dark Knight Rises (previous rank 2)
3. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close (if not released in 2011) (previous rank 6)
4. Selma (previous rank 10)
5. The Hobbit Part 1 (previous rank 20)
6. Macbett: The Caribbean Macbeth (previous rank 3)
7. Life Of Pi (previous rank 5)
8. Hands Of Stone (previous rank 11)
9. The Grandmasters (previous rank 7)
10. The Danish Girl (previous rank 26)

11. The 13 Women Of Nanjing (previous rank 12)
12. Triple Frontier (previous rank 17)
13. Carnage (if not released in 2011) (previous rank 14)
14. Anna Karenina (previous rank 16)
15. Great Hope Springs (previous rank 35)
16. The Great Gatsby (previous rank 15)
17. The Bell Jar (previous rank 9)
18. The Wettest County In The World (previous rank 46)
19. Cloud Atlas (previous rank 49)
20. Mina (previous rank 28)
21. 47 Ronin (previous rank 22)
22. Cogan’s Trade (previous rank 41)
23. Keeper Of The Pinstripes (previous rank 8)
24. Another Bullshit Night In Suck City (previous rank 33)
25. Dali (previous rank 13)
26. Nina (previous rank 31)
27. The Zookeeper’s Wife (previous rank 24)
28. Brothers In Arms (previous rank 21)
29. Hyde Park On Hudson (previous rank 18)
30. Cosmopolis (previous rank 47)
31. Untitled Star Trek Sequel (previous rank 36)
32. Moonrise Kingdom (New)
33. Savages (New)
34. Men In Black 3 (back after falling off the list, before that ranked 18)
35. Welcome To People (back after falling off the list, before that ranked 4)
36. Stoker (New)
37. The Raven (New)
38. The Third Act (previous rank 34)
39. A Star Is Born (previous rank 29)
40. Quartet (previous rank 40)
41. Brave (previous rank 19)
42. Rock Of Ages (New)
43. The Girl (New)
44. The Wrong Picture (New)
45. Lost For Words (previous rank 23)
46. Prometheus (previous rank 45)
47. The Absinthe Drinkers (previous rank 27)
48. The Monkey King (previous rank 30)
49. Leningrad (New)
50. Untitled Yang Guifei Project (New)

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  1. How could you have all of these films, and leave out the most ambitious film? Yes, I'm speaking of Paul Thomas Andersons next film "The Master".

    It has everything going for it, first off PTA, a genius of filmmaking as the writer,director, and producer. Then we have a incredibly all star cast, PSH, JP, AA, LD. A incredible rising cinematography, MM Jr., and all of PTAs other people this is a sure Oscar nominee. Not to mention that it's being distributed by the weinstiens, they'll definitely push like hell to get this film in its categories.

    I think the only competition is The Hobbit, and maybe Lincoln. Voting will be weird, since rumor has it that scientology members have tried to keep it from being made. Never the less it should most definitely be up there on your list.

  2. I agree with you. These predictions were made back in May, and most of the latest news about The Master came out in June, so I just haven't had time to update these pages yet. Rest assured that a director and cast like that will definitely be included in my next set of predictions.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!