Monday, May 16, 2011

85th Oscar Costume Design FIRST ENTRIES (2012-2013 Awards Season) (5/16/11)

In honor of Cannes, I’m continuing my special series of early predictions for the 85th Oscars (ie., the 2012-2013 awards season).

Today’s entries in Costume Design were made by looking at the type of movie (period pieces and fantasy), and the prestige of the designer (when known). If anyone has information regarding who the costume designers are for the other films listed here, I'd love to hear about them!

1. Cloud Atlas
2. Jillian Kreiner for Savannah
3. Arjun Bhasin for Life Of Pi
4. Milena Canonero for Macbett: The Cabibbean Macbeth
5. Untitled Yang Guifei Project

6. Anna Karenina
7. The Danish Girl
8. Ruth E. Carter for Selma
9. Colleen Atwood for Dark Shadows
10. Effie
11. Pablo Escobar
12. Lincoln
13. Deborah Hopper for J. Edgar
14. The Zookeeper’s Wife
15. Big Shoe
16. William Chang for The Grandmasters
17. Mina
18. Dali
19. The Greatest Showman On Earth
20. Miss Saigon
21. Paradise Lost
22. Hemingway & Fuentes
23. Penny Rose for 47 Ronin
24. Catherine Martin for The Great Gatsby
25. Hyde Park On Hudson
26. Wild Roses, Tender Roses
27. Olga Michalowska for The Absinthe Drinkers
28. Great Expectations
29. Margot Wilson for The Wettest County in The World
30. Alexandra Byrne for The Avengers
31. Leningrad
32. A Star Is Born
33. William Chang, Pik Kwan Lee, Guo Pei and Chung Man Yee for the Monkey King
34. Penelope Padmore for Women In Love
35. Vivaldi
36. Florence Of Arabia
37. Susan Scott for Connemara Days
38. The Bell Jar
39. Moonrise Kingdom
40. Carlo Poggiolli for The Raven
41. Nina
42. Ann Maskrey and Richard Taylor for The Hobbit Part 1
43. Keith Madden for The Woman In Black
44. William Chang and Graciela Mazon for The 13 Women Of Nanjing
45. Lindy Hemming for The Dark Knight Rises
46. Mayes C. Rubero for World War Z
47. Logan’s Run
48. Anna In The Tropics
49. Jenny Beavan for Gambit
50. Judianna Makovsky for The Hunger Games

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  1. Sandy Powell for The Invention of Hugo cabret???

  2. I definitely agree about Sandy Powell and currently have her listed 2nd in my predictions for the 84th Oscar (this year's Oscar) here:

    (Or check the Tracker Pages for the most recent updates).

    Now that I've seen the trailer, she might even move up in my next round of predictions. The costumes look excellent.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Jane Eyre is listed in a different list for the 84th Oscars (2011-2012). This list is for the 85th Oscars (2012-2013).

    But I do have Michael O'Connor first for the current year, although I'm starting to question that. The movie came out so early that I don't know whether people will remember it. (Although the costume branch itself is pretty good about these things in terms of the nominations.)

    Thanks for checking out my blog!