Saturday, May 21, 2011

85th Oscar Visual Effects Updates (2012-2013 Awards Season) (5/21/11)

New predictions for the 85th Oscar Visual Effects race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry. I feel pretty good about the top of the list based on genre and past experience, but the middle of the list is more of a guessing game at this point.

1. The Dark Knight Rises (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 1)
2. Untitled Star Trek Sequel (previous rank 2)
3. Men In Black 3 (previous rank 3)
4. The Hobbit Part 1 (New)
5. The Grandmasters (New)

6. Life Of Pi (New)
7. Cloud Atlas (New)
8. Prometheus (New)
9. World War Z (New)
10. Dali (New)
11. Triple Frontier (previous rank 4)
12. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close (previous rank 5)
13. The Bourne Legacy (New)
14. Looper (New)
15. Gravity (New)
16. Logan’s Run (New)
17. The Avengers (New)
18. The Monkey King (New)
19. The Wolverine (New)
20. Paradise Lost (New)
21. Total Recall (New)
22. Paani (New)
23. Man Of Steel (New)
24. Cobalt Neural 9 (New)
25. 47 Ronin (New)
26. The Amazing Spiderman (New)
27. Battleship (New)
28. The Raven (previously listed in 84th Oscar race, rank 43)
29. The Hunger Games (New)
30. Starbright (New)
31. The 13 Women Of Nanjing (New)
32. Untiteld Yang Guifei Project (New)
33. Pablo Escobar (New)
34. Wrath Of The Titans (New)
35. The Adventures Of Tintin: Prisoners Of The Sun (New)
36. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (New)
37. Leningrad (New)
38. Amulet (New)
39. Brothers In Arms (New)
40. Halo (New)
41. Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters (New)
42. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (New)
43. Cogan’s Trade (New)
44. Great Expectations (New)
45. The Brothers Grimm: Snow White (New)
46. Snow White And The Huntsman (New)
47. Premium Rush (New)
48. Dark Shadows (New)
49. Macbett: The Caribbean Macbeth (New)
50. Ted (New)

As always, check the Tracker Pages in the upper right hand corner of this blog for the most updated predictions in all categories!
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