Sunday, July 24, 2011

88th Oscar Original Screenplay First Entries (2015-2016 Awards Season) (7/24/11)

It feels like recently I’ve been doing a lot of updates for the current year, and may have been neglecting the future years. Since this is a “never too early” blog, my intention is to begin looking at the next several years more in depth for a while, so you can expect mostly future predictions to be published between now and September. (Unless something remarkable happens in one of the current year’s races that makes me feel the need to update.)

With that in mind, here is my first attempt at predicting the 88th Oscar Original Screenplay race (that would be the 2015-2016 awards season). Yes, it is completely silly to do so, as most of the good scripts will end up being made before then, and the bad ones won’t be made at all. But nevertheless, I’ve looked through IMDB and am going to try to rank the films listed there anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll even predict a nominee or two!

88th Oscar Original Screenplay Predictions:

1. Wes Jones for The Epic Of Troy Knight (Predicted Winner)
2. Brian Nathanson for The Many Deaths Of Barnaby Jones
3. Will Staples or James Cameron for Myth
4. Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario for Imaginary Enemies
5. Robert Edwards for Trust

6. Richard Linklater for Boyhood
7. Alain Gagnol for Phantom Boy
8. The Believers
9. Untitled Black Mafia Family Project
10. Brian Nathanson for The Occasionally Interesting Anti-Adventures Of An Unnamed Girl
11. The Swarm
12. Portofino
13. Untitled Paul Revere Project
14. Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern for Booksmart
15. Echo
16. Continuum
17. Mr. Nice Guy
18. Gravity
19. Tricky Bastards
20. Alien At Large
21. Untitled Bobby Glickert Sci-Fi Thriller Project
22. Untitled John Moore/Peter Buchman Project
23. Adam Wilson and Melaine Wilson for Untitled Happy Troll Doll Project

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