Sunday, July 24, 2011

88th Oscar Best Picture Updates (2015-2016 Awards Season) (7/24/11)

Here are today’s rankings for the 88th Oscar Best Picture race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry. As might be expected this far out, the list is filled with an inordinate amount of sci-fi and animated films, because these are the types of films that require long production windows and huge budgets.

I have no idea whether the Academy will still be using their 5% rule four years from now, but I have done my predictions using that system, and am currently predicting 7 films will make the cut. Since my predictions are ranked, you can also see which films I’m predicting if they change the rules again and set a stable number of nominees.

1. A Thousand Splendid Suns (Predicted Winner) (New)
2. Travis McGee (previous rank 10)
3. The Epic Of Troy Knight (previous rank 8)
4. The Corrections (previous rank 11)
5. Coram Boy (New)
6. The Five Hundred (previous rank 3)
7. Avatar 3 (previous rank 5)

8. Divergent (previous rank 2)
9. Inamorata (New)
10. Important Artifacts And Personal Property From The Collection Of Lenore Doolan And Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fasion, And Jewelry (previous rank 4)

11. Boyhood (New)
12. Myth (New)
13. Untitled Tintin Film (New)
14. The Many Deaths Of Barnaby James (New)
15. Wonder Woman (previous rank 12)
16. Bride Of Frankenstein (previous rank 7)
17. Echo (previous rank 6)
18. Line Of Sight (previous rank 9)
19. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair (New)
20. Trollhunters (New)
21. Toy Story 4 (New)
22. Untitled Black Mafia Family Project (New)
23. Blood Meridian (New)
24. Ivan The Fool (New)
25. Alma (New)
26. Trust (New)
27. The Occasionally Interesting Anti-Adventures Of An Unnamed Girl (New)
28. Imaginary Enemies (New)
29. Untitled Batman Reboot (New)
30. Lidsville (New)
31. Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (New)
32. Your Voice In My Head (previous rank 1)
33. Phantom Boy (New)
34. Untitled Paul Revere Project (New)
35. Evidence (New)
36. The Swarm (New)
37. I, Robot 2 (New)
38. Star Blazers (New)
39. Continuum (New)
40. Gravity (New)
41. Alien At Large (New)
42. One World Ocean (New)
43. The Smoker (New)
44. The Believers (New)
45. The Secret (Of Happiness) (New)
46. Caliber (New)
47. Time Bandits (New)
48. The Hunger Games 3 (New)
49. Affected Provincial’s Companion (New)
50. Booksmart (New)

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  2. I'd be honored to participate. Sending an email now...

  3. You know, I think it's unfair for me to made my predictions only on Bulgarian, because many people outside my country will want to read them. So I have begin making an English version of them (for the 2013 one).

    Can you tell me if it's good and the spelling is not ridiculous?

    updated with english categories are: Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Art Direction, Score, Sounds, Visual Effects and Makeup.


  4. Sure. I'll give it a look and send any edits privately.