Saturday, October 1, 2011

Open Thread: Oscar 85 Begins Today--Yes, 85! (10/1/11)

I realize that many people are just beginning to do their predictions for the 84th Oscar race, but today is October 1, the day when the 85th Oscar race (2012-2013 awards season) officially begins for three categories: The Animated Shorts, The Live Action Shorts, and the Foreign Language race!

I hope to do an update for each of these categories in the next month or so, but in honor of the beginning of the season, I thought I would open this up for an Open Thread.

My blogger stats say that I’ve had visitors to this blog from 99 countries--which is just short of 100. And I’m betting that each of you has better film contacts in your nation or region than I do. So I’d like to ask: Have you heard of any upcoming films from your country that should be on my radar for next year? Have a favorite home-grown director that has been working on a new project? Let me know in the comments, and they may become an early front-runner in my next predictions!

Similarly, I know that there are many short filmmakers who read this blog, and that very often it is hard to get publicity out about your films. Let me know what you’re working on, and you might just find a new fan! Have an idea of what is being submitted to film festivals over the next year? Let me know that as well.

Got a prediction for another category? Let me know that too.

Here’s to another 85 years!

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  1. If it's okay, here are the films that i think will be nominated for best picture in the 85th Oscars:

    Cogan’s Trade (
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Django Unchained
    The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey
    Kill Bin Ladden (Katharine Bungalow’s new film)
    Rock of Ages
    Thanks for Sharing (

    Sorry, i don't know about new Israeli films that could have a chance next year... but meanwhile, i am routing for "Footnote" in this year's Oscars. Try to see it, this is an amazing film.

  2. I like your list a lot. Looks like some real crowd pleasers, with a few serious works thrown in.

    Thanks For Sharing is one that I've been reading a lot about lately, and agree it could be a big contender.

    I'll definitely be on the lookout for Footnote, if (or hopefully when) it gets a distributor here in the States. Probably won't be right around Oscar time, and possibly after the Oscars, which is really unfair, but I guess it works the other way around sometimes for you, so I shouldn't complain!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration; I wrote the goldfish movie :P

  4. I Love It! Universal Themes, indeed.

  5. Few more predictions:

    Christopher Nolan - The Dark Knight Rises
    Quentin Tarantino -Django Unchained
    Alfonso Cuaron - Gravity
    Katherine Bigalow - Kill Bin Laden
    Steven Spielberg - Lincoln

    Django Uncahined
    Hands of Stone
    The Bop Decameron
    Thanks for Sharing

    Cogan's Trade
    The Hobbit:an Unexpected Journey
    Life of Pi

  6. Great Picks! I'm still not sure how I feel about the Bigelow movie. I'm just wondering if it is coming too soon--or too late--after the actual events. Sort of in that gap between current events and history. Plus, it will be an election year in the U.S., which means the film could end up being used as political fodder (on both sides.) But as the first and only woman to ever win Best Director, she's definitely on the radar!

    Also nice to see Life Of Pi in your screenplay list. I'm looking forward to that one a lot.

  7. Man I am so pumped up to see Billy Host again, he is absolutely the Best there is. I watched Ricky G do the GG's and was kind of disappointed as it wasnt as funny as I thought it would be. I am so excited. I wrote a nice little article on it if anyone wants to check it out: