Sunday, October 16, 2011

85th Oscar Visual Effects Predictions (2012-2013 Awards Season) (10/16/11)

Here are today’s rankings for the 85th Visual Effects race (2012-2013 awards season), with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry. I know that some of you follow superheroes, fantasy and explosions more than I do, so let me know if you think I missed anything!

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 4)
2. The Dark Knight Rises (previous rank 1)
3. Star Trek 2 (previous rank 2)
4. Prometheus (previous rank 8)
5. Gravity (previous rank 15)

6. Men In Black 3 (previous rank 3)
7. Cloud Atlas (previous rank 7)
8. Life Of Pi (previous rank 6)
9. The Grandmasters (previous rank 5)
10. Dali (previous rank 10)
11. The Avengers (previous rank 17)
12. The Amazing Spider-Man (previous rank 26)
13. Jack The Giant Killer (New)
14. Red Tails (previously listed in 84th Oscars, rank 10)
15. Total Recall (previous rank 21)
16. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (previous rank 42)
17. The Bourne Legacy (previous rank 13)
18. 47 Ronin (previous rank 25)
19. The Adventures Of Tintin: Prisoners Of The Sun (previous rank 35)
20. Tarsem Singh’s Snow White (previous rank 45)
21. World War Z (previous rank 9)
22. Triple Frontier (previous rank 11)
23. Looper (previous rank 14)
24. Cogan’s Trade (previous rank 43)
25. John Carter (New)

26. Premium Rush (previous rank 47)
27. The Hunger Games (previous rank 29)
28. Snow White And The Huntsman (previous rank 46)
29. Dark Shadows (previous rank 48)
30. The Wolverine (previous rank 19)
31. The Expendables 2 (New)
32. Sound Of Mind (New)
33. The Raven (previous rank 28)
34. Paradise Lost (previous rank 20)
35. Kill Bin Laden (New)
36. Starbright (previous rank 30)
37. The Flowers Of War (previous rank 31)
38. Cosmopolis (New)
39. Paani (previous rank 22)
40. Cobalt Neural 9 (previous rank 24)
41. The Cabin In The Woods (New)
42. Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters (previous rank 41)
43. Dredd (New)
44. Battleship (previous rank 27)
45. Gangster Squad (New)
46. Clash Of The Titans 2 (previous rank 34)
47. Here There Be Monsters (New)
48. Leningrad (previous rank 37)
49. Brothers In Arms (previous rank 39)
50. Shrapnel (New)

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  1. Nice to see another nomination to Gravity! Alfonso Cuaron - along with Christopher Nolan - is probably the best filmmaker that had he's breakout in the 2000s ("Children of Men" is, in my opinion, the 3rd best movie of the decade), and I think that "Gravity" will be the movie that will bring him recognition from the academy. Go Alfonso Go!

  2. I thought you might like that!

    I was checking out the crew list for Gravity on IMDB, and the Visual Effects department had more than 100 names on it, so they're clearly planning something big!

  3. This category looks like it's going to be an extremely tough competition

  4. Thanks Bonjour Tristesse. It does look like an exciting year. I'm sure that some of these will fail to pan out of course, but I suspect that these will be the names (in some combination) that we'll be considering a year from now, especially since it is difficult for new films to break into this category given the time and money needed to catch this branch's attention.