Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Poll: What Should I See Next?

Last week I saw Take Shelter and loved it. (Read my review Here)

This week my movie options include some highly acclaimed foreign films, several possible independent gems, and a few blockbusters that don’t have any real chance of appearing in the Oscar race. The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito) carries significant auteur and star power, but Spain’s decision to submit Black Bread instead significantly lowers the chances that Almodovar or Banderas will be walking across the stage at the Kodak. Other international choices include Norway’s submission to the Academy, Happy Happy, or the highest grossing Filipino film of all time, No Other Woman. I could also see myself enjoying the indie fare of Margin Call, Weekend or Toast. Or perhaps I should just use this week to go pursue some mindless box office fun before the awards season kicks in, by seeing something like Footloose, Real Steel or The Three Musketeers.

Vote for your recommendation in the comments!

The Big Year; Blackthorn; Dolphin Tale; Finding Joe; Fireflies In The Garden;

Footloose; Happy, Happy (Sykt Lykkelig); Hell And Back Again;Johnny English Reborn; Margin Call;

The Mighty Macs; The Mill And The Cross; Mozart’s Sister; My Afternoons With Margueritte; No Other Woman

Paranormal Activity 3; Point Blank; Real Steel;  The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito); The Thing;

The Three Musketeers; Toast; The Way; Weekend; What’s Your Number?;

If your favorite movie isn’t here, feel free to recommend it anyway. It’s possible that it is not showing in my area, or that I have already seen it, but it’s also possible that you’ll become my new best friend for having recommended something new.


  1. I'll go out on a limb and say Johnny Englidh Reborn hahaha =)

  2. Ah, thanks Joel!

    I'll admit that I haven't even seen the first one yet, even though it has been like eight years since it was released. And I've never been a huge Bond fan to begin with, so I'm worried that a Bond spoof might go right over my head.

    But then again maybe I'm significantly underestimating Rowan Atksinson's Oscar chances? hahaha =)

  3. fireflies in the garden is not really good...although having a good cast it doesnt lives up its expectation..i suggest paranormal activity 3,the skin i live in and maybe toast.

  4. Aw crud, you mjissed 1911. That could have been really good. Oh well.

    As for the picks up there, see The Way. I think Emilio has a whole new career ahead of him.

  5. Not the most exciting set of movies out there. I'm somewhat intrigued by Margin Call so I will choose that for you ;)

  6. Looks like you’re out of Oscar films... at list until "J. Edgar". For now, try watching something that is obviously bad and than laugh about it.

    (Here is a cool thing -i have no idea how and why, but apparently "Tinker Tailor Soldier Sp" arrives to Israel in November 17th, almost a month before it releases in America... well, now i have something that I could watch before you do, MEWHAHA!)

  7. Saw "Toast" last weekend and it was a huge disappointment. I'd probably go with "Blackthorn."

  8. Wow, Thanks everyone. It's so interesting that after Almodovar, there's really no consensus on what to see next.

    @F.Franklin I think I'll steer away from Fireflies based on your recommendations.

    @Anonymous, 1911 seems to have disappeared from my theaters, although sometimes these types of films cycle back if they're good. It's very interesting that The Way stars the whole family except for Charlie Sheen.

    @Castor, Margin Call looks like it could be an interesting one with Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, and the recently out Zachary Quinto.

    @Anonymous, Happy to hear that you get some films before we do. Let us know how it is.

    @David, Toast looked cute to me, but I can definitely see how it might disappoint since it seems like there's not much there beyond the gimmick. Blackthorn is on my long list for a few tech awards like cinematography. After True Grit last year everyone predicted that we'd see a new wave of Westerns.

    Thanks again to all! I still haven't decided what to see, and may even do the unthinkable and let my movie partner choose for me! (GASP!)