Tuesday, October 25, 2011

84th Oscar Best Director Updates (2011-2012 Awards Season) (10/25/11)

Here are today’s rankings for the 84th Oscar Best Director race (2011-2012 awards season), with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

1. Steven Spielberg for War Horse (Predicted Winner) (previous rank 3)
2. Alexander Payne for The Descendants (previous rank 10)
3. Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist (previous rank 30)
4. Terrence Malick for The Tree Of Life (previous rank 5)
5. Stephen Daldry for Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close (previous rank 4)

6. Clint Eastwood for J. Edgar (previous rank 7)
7. David Fincher for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (previous rank 8)
8. George Clooney for The Ides Of March (previous rank 2)
9. Woody Allen for Midnight In Paris (previous rank 27)
10. Bennett Miller for Moneyball (previous rank 44)
11. Tomas Alfredson for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (previous rank 37)
12. Tate Taylor for The Help (previous rank 41)
13. Steve McQueen for Shame (previous rank 48)
14. Martin Scorsese for Hugo (previous rank 9)
15. David Cronenberg for A Dangerous Method (previous rank 1)
16. Jason Reitman for Young Adult (previous rank 14)
17. Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive (previous rank 39)
18. Angelina Jolie for In The Land Of Blood And Honey (previous rank 35)
19. Sean Durkin for Martha Marcy May Marlene (previously listed as rank 47)
20. Phyllida Lloyd for The Iron Lady (previous rank 6)
21. Roman Polanski for Carnage (previous rank 12)
22. Simon Curtis for My Week With Marilyn (previous rank 33)
23. Cameron Crowe for We Bought A Zoo (previous rank 15)
24. Steven Soderbergh for Contagion (previous rank 11)
25. Rodrigo Garcia for Albert Nobbs (previous rank 17)

26. Lynne Ramsay for We Need To Talk About Kevin (previous rank 20)
27. Dee Rees for Pariah (previous rank 23)
28. Ralph Feinnes for Coriolanus (previous rank 32)
29. Steven Spielberg for The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn (previous rank 21)
30. Pedro Almodovar for La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In) (previous rank 18)
31. Jeff Nichols for Take Shelter (New)
32. Drake Doremus for Like Crazy (previous rank 28)
33. Lars Von Trier for Melancholia (previous rank 31)
34. David Yates for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (previous rank 13)
35. Luc Besson for The Lady (New)
36. Cary Fukunaga for Jane Eyre (previous rank 24)
37. J.J. Abrams for Super 8 (previous rank 22)
38. Oren Moverman for Rampart (previous rank 49)
39. Gavin O’Connor for Warrior (New)
40. Mike Mills for Beginners (New)
41. Jonathan Levine for 50/50 (New)
42. Vera Farmiga for Higher Ground (New)
43. Lone Scherfig for One Day (previous rank 26)
44. Kelly Reichardt for Meek’s Cutoff (previous rank 19)
45. Bruce Robinson for The Rum Diary (previous rank 40)
46. Andrew Niccol for In Time (New)
47. Jean-Jacques Annaud for Black Gold (New)
48. Wayne Wang for Snow Flower And The Secret Fan (previous rank 50)
49. Rashaad Ernesto Green for Gun Hill Road (previous rank 47)
50. Justin Chadwick for The First Grader (New)

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  1. loved the list..although i loved shame i dont think it will get nominated for best picture..did you watch the film pariah,how was it? again good list

  2. Thanks! Pariah hasn't opened in my area yet, but I've read some really good things about it from folks who saw it at film festivals.

    This director category looks like it is all the big names, and will undoubtedly turn out that way in the end. But one of the benefits of ranking the top 50 contenders is that I get to at least throw some of the indie films into the mix so I don't get too bored!

  3. if TGWTDT is good,david fincher will be definitely get nominated...the trailer looks so good..clint eastwood is also another favourite of the AMPAS

  4. My predictions:

    Thomas Alfredson - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
    David Fincher - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Alexander Payne - The Descandeants
    Steven Spielberg - War Horse

    About the fifth slot - it's really hard for me to choose between Benett Miller for "Moneyball"
    and Michael Haznabicusisissis for "The Artist". as i said, my next predictions will be up in November 1st, right before the November movie flood, so i will deside until than...

  5. Still think that The Tree of Life will not have that big of a presence at the Oscars as everybody expecting.

    Aside from Cinematography everything else will be an achievement.

  6. @F. Franklin. Indeed, I've got them all in my top 7, I'm just not sure whether Eastwood will pull through (other than for his actors), and I still worry about whether Fincher will be too soon for a make up nod for having lost last year.

    @Anonymous- It is certainly possible that the British block would rally behind Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but I'm not sure whether they will do it for director per se. They usually go for the big Hollywood names, and somehow I don't see TTSS being in the top two as Hooper and The Kings Speech were. My recommendation for your November pics: put in The Artist instead of Moneyball, because the latter is already losing steam here in the states, while the former has a late release date and Weinstein behind it.

    @Lime_Vortep, I hear you and agree that Tree Of Life could definitely miss. But I'm still holding out hope for some nominations, given the way that those who love it really love it. It will be a split decision for sure (either showing up at the top of the ballots or not at all), but I think it will have enough supporters to sneak in.

    Thanks all!

  7. Big changes in this ranking! Having not seen 4 out of the top 5, I can't really comment on who has the best chance but let's face it, outside of Malick, I doubt anyone whose movie has already come out at this point of the year will be in the running come Oscar-time

  8. Thanks Castor! The big changes came partly because I haven't updated this list since June, so much has changed.

    So true about all the films we haven't seen yet. I think as I get better at this, I'm just going to start ignoring any film that comes out before December, at least in these big categories.