Wednesday, September 21, 2011

87th Oscar Original Score First Entries (2014-2015 Awards Season) (9/21/11)

For those who are keeping track at home, you’ll remember that my goal was to make initial predictions for all of the major categories before beginning my new rotation system, coincidentally (or by ingenious design) also corresponding with the end of the September film festivals. Today’s entry means that I now have initial predictions for all of the major categories for the 87th Oscars. I still have a few blanks left in the 86th race, but have decided to begin the new rotation anyway, to add some spice to this blog. So stay tuned tomorrow when we’ll kick off the new rotation with predictions for the 84th Oscar Lead Actor race (coming just days after the release of Leonardo DiCaprio’s trailer for J. Edgar.)

Here are today’s entries for the 87th Oscar Original Score race (2014-2015 awards season). Where possible I have included the known or rumored composer, but when that is not known I have simply judged the films based on what we know of their content and genre.

1. Human Mind (Predicted Winner)
2. The Little Prince
3. James Horner for Avatar 2
4. Serena
5. Sparkle

6. Touti In Harlem
7. Noah
8. In The Heights
9. King Of The Elves
10. A. R. Rahman for Monkeys Of Bollywood
11. John Powell for How To Train Your Dragon 2
12. Citizen Hughes: The Power, The Money And The Madness
13. Low Down
14. The $700 Billion Man
15. The Fortress Of Solitude
16. Scott Starrett for The Red Man’s View
17. Broken City
18. The Tiger
19. The Alchemist
20. Independence Day 3
21. Americana
22. Cog
23. Sexual Healing
24. Churchill And Roosevelt
25. Outback

26. Empire Of The Summer Moon
27. Pirate Latitudes
28. The Battle Of Midway
29. Joe
30. The Seven Samurai
31. The Color Of Lightening
32. A.R. Rahman for Exclusion
33. Indian Summer
34. The Daughter
35. Enrico Morricone for Kill Bill Volume 3
36. The Normal Heart
37. The Witches
38. Nick Cave for Pinocchio
39. A Green And Quiet River
40. Interstellar
41. Twelve Years A Slave
42. Brian Yorkey and Tom Kit for Untitled Theater Camp Project
43. The People’s Act Of Love
44. The Long Play
45. The Terrorist Search Engine
46. Agincourt
47. Song Of Justice
48. Mark Krench for Templar: Honor Among Thieves
49. Moses
50. Wicked

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