Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Saw: Crazy Stupid Love (84th Oscar Race)

What I Saw: Crazy Stupid Love

Oscar Chances:  Comedies usually have a better chance at the Golden Globes than at the Oscars, but once in a while they break through. I’m not currently predicting that this film will pick up the momentum of something like The Kids Are All Right, but I do have it listed on the long lists for several categories.

Original Screenplay: Dan Fogelman (currently ranked 21)
Lead Actor: Steve Carell (currently ranked 49)
Lead Actress: Julianne Moore (currently ranked 25)

Not listed, but may be considered in future rankings are the supporting characters: Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei and Emma Stone.

My Lamb Score: 3 ½ out of 5 Lambs
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  1. Good Review! Overall, the film is too conventional for my liking. It needed to be sharper, wittier, and funnier. But for average summer fare, it's okay. It's far from perfect and runs on the long side, but rom-com and chick flick lovers will likely be satisfied. Check out my review when you can please!

  2. Thanks Dan O. Your review looks great too. I agree that it's mostly a summer picture, but enjoyed it well enough, mostly for the cast.

  3. It's not intended to be a laugh-out-loud-summer-comedy. And, indeed, it's not. It IS a well-crafted, well-acted, and unexpectedly quiet romantic comedy that is also quite moving to anyone other than a critic. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Does Jonah Bobo deserve and oscar nod? Absolutely.

  4. I agree with you about the film overall, anonymous, and I did quite enjoy it. But I don't see Jonah Bobo getting much awards recognition. I thought that he was fine, but I didn't leave the theater thinking about his performance, so I can't imagine the Academy remembering him at the end of the year. Unless you saw something that I didn't...Was there a particular part of his performance that felt like an Oscar clip to you?

  5. I didn't say he WOULD get a nod...Of course, he won't...Nor will anyone from this movie.

    BUT...I DID leave the movie thinking about his performance.

    In my opinion, he was the entire show.

    He carried the movie on his bqck.