Monday, August 8, 2011

Proud To Be Lamb # 1053!

Big news for this blog.  I have been accepted into the Large Association of Movie Blogs, a.k.a. The LAMB!

Click HERE to go the Lamb Homepage, or HERE to see my approved application and learn more about my goals for this site. And while you’re there, check out the other great LAMBS (1053 film blogs and counting), and look through some of the other great features this community offers.

What does my acceptance mean for regular readers of this blog? The first change you’ll notice is that I’ll begin adding my own personal “lamb score” to the “What I Saw” entries.  Think of it as a rating system, but instead of a scale with a possible 5 stars, it will be a scale of 5 lambs.  And over time, being part of this community should also bring more exposure to this site, leading to more discussion and (hopefully) more accurate predictions.

Update: You can now follow the LAMB in multiple ways:
The LAMB Homepage:
The LAMB On Twitter @LambThe
A List Of Twittering Lambs:  @LambThe/lammies
The LAMB On Facebook:
The Lambcast On Facebook:


  1. This is a very cool blog. I'm primarily interested in the Foreign Language Film category, but you have a lot of impressive information here.

    As a fellow member, I welcome you to the LAMB!

  2. Thanks Bonjour Tristesse. I like your blog too. I really like foreign, indie and cult films when I see them, but unfortunately don't see as many of them as I probably should. To be honest, I'd probably see more of them if they opened before the Oscars, because I'd want to be able to make better predictions. But as it is most of them don't open around me until months after the awards (if ever), by which time I'm already focused on the next year!

    Have you seen any of the films in contention for this year's foreign language category? Which are your favorites?

    Thanks for checking out my blog and welcoming me to the LAMB!

  3. Yeah, unfortunately I don't often get to see them all before January either. But I've been able to catch about 2/3rds of the 65 entries from last year.

    For this year so far I've only seen Greece's entry, Attenberg. It's unique and interesting but don't think it will make it to the shortlist. Can't wait till October when the rest of the entries are announced.

  4. Wow, Bonjour Tristesse, you're doing much better than me in terms of last year's entries. The only ones that I've seen were Even The Rain and Of Gods And Men (although both Incendies and In A Better World are on my must-see list).

    It's interesting to hear your impression of Attenberg. I've read other reviews that note that it is different than Dogtooth, but similar in that they are both quite unusual picks. I'm thinking like you that it won't get into the short list on it's merits alone, and I'm suspecting that the special committee won't want to use their powers for the same country two years in a row.

  5. Congrats on becoming a Lammie and for ruling the lamb leaderboard!

  6. Thank you JoelB! And thank too for taking the initiative to start the twitter account. It's a great addition.