Wednesday, September 14, 2011

87th Oscar Original Screenplay First Entries (2014-2015 Awards Season) (9/14/11)

Here are my first entries for the 87th Oscar Original Screenplay race (2014-2015 awards season).

1. Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack for The Dallas Buyer’s Club (Predicted Winner)
2. Michael Arndt for Human Mind
3. Angelina Jolie for Churchill And Roosevelt
4. Brian Tucker for Broken City
5. Rania Ajami and Kurt Lustgarten for My Eyes Through Carnage

6. Garrett Knight for Americana
7. Damian Stevenson for Fleming
8. John Gatins for Flight
9. Deepa Mehta for Exclusion
10. The Daughter
11. Song Of Justice
12. Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski for Jupiter Rising
13. Todd Robinson for The Last Full Measure
14. Guillermo Del Toro for Saturn And The End Of Days
15. Jonah Nolan for Interstellar
16. An Ordinary Man
17. Nisar Modi for Outback
18. Oren Moverman for Touti In Harlem
19. Innocence In A Garden Of Lies
20. Doug Atchison for Class Act
21. Jason Smilovic for The Architect
22. Nick Schenk and David Seidler for The Judge
23. Edward Ricourt and Boaz Yalkin for Now You See Me
24. Diane English for First Man
25. Cary Fukunaga and Chase Palmer for No Blood, No Guts, No Glory
26. Cyclops
27. Paul Thomas Anderson for Inherent Vice
28. Vineet Dewan for The Knife
29. Dandelion Wine
30. Art Linson and Jeffrey Ross for The Comedian
31. Harmony Korine for Twinkle Twinkle
32. Rene Hinojosa for Templar: Honor Among Thieves
33. Lauren Goodman for Sexual Healing
34. Mike White for Santa Wars
35. William Monahan for The Long Play
36. Richard Clark Jr. and Ken Allen for The Guilty Kinsman
37. Tina Fey for Curly Oxide And The Vic Thrill
38. Neil Burger for The Criminals
39. Rust
40. Rodrigo Garcia for La Carona
41. Agincourt
42. The Prophetess
43. Marshall Lewy for Exodus
44. Oren Uziel for The Kitchen Sink
45. Adam Foulkes and Alan Smith for Cog
46. Adam Cohen for The Greys
47. Ahmat Zappa for The Museum Of The Weird
48. Ti West for The Side Effects
49. Edgar Wright for The World’s End
50. S. Craig Zahler for The Big Stone Grid

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