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Welcome to The Academy Members Project: The largest public list of Oscar voters you’ll find on the internet!

As of our most recent update on 12/31/2019, we have identified 9,283 Current Members - Over 97% of the full AMPAS membership! - plus over 7,640 Historical Members.

Chapter 1: About The Project 

The Academy Members Project is a grassroots effort to identify and celebrate as many Oscar voters as possible. Rooted in the proud tradition of citizen journalism, the list is a compilation of information gathered from publicly available sources, including web searches, celebrity biographies and archival materials. 

This chapter provides general information about us, including the origin story of how we began; a detailed look at our methodology which explains the research tools we utilize and what the fonts and font colors used throughout the site mean; a look at the Academy’s branch history and current branch statistics; and a Frequently Asked Questions page.

We also have sections telling how you can Join The Search as one one of our researchers, or sign up for one of our Special Projects. You can also follow our progress updates, or sign up for our monthly email Newsletter.

Because we want to make it easy for Academy members to share the fact that they’ve been given the honor of joining the Academy, we’ve created a page exclusively dedicated to Academy Members and their friends, family and agents. We’ve also created pages for journalists and filmmakers who are not in the Academy to share their stories with us.

And of course, we have a page for all of our disclaimers, a list of our hard working researchers, and a contact page.

Chapter 2: Known Academy Members

This is the heart and soul of our project: The actual members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, both past and present. As of our most recent update on 12/31/2019, we have identified 9,283 Current Members - Over 97% of the full AMPAS membership! - plus over 7,640 Historical Members.

Names listed in BOLD font have the strongest documentable proof. Names in STANDARD font are those who have been publicly invited to join the Academy, but whose acceptance we have not been able to verify. Names in ITALIC font represent individuals believed to be members, but whose status has not yet been verified using our rigorous documentation standards. Members who have passed away are shown using the same three-tiered system, but in GOLD, and those whose biography is still being researched are in PINK.You can learn more about our methodology and fonts here, and can send any additions, corrections or confirmations to

Academy Members Pages (Listed alphabetically by last name):
( Aa-Ak )  ( Al-Am )  ( An-Arm )  ( Arn-Az )  ( Baa-Baq )  ( Bar-Bd )  ( Bea-Ben )  ( Beo-Ber )  ( Bes-BK )  ( Bl-Bn )  ( Bo-Bq )  ( Bra-Brn )  ( Bro-Bt )  ( Bu-Bz )  ( Caa-Can )  ( Cao-Car )  ( Cas-Cha )  ( Chb-Cn )  ( Coa-Con )  ( Coo-Cq )  ( Cr-Cz )  ( Daa-Dau )  ( Dav-Dd )  ( De-Dh )  ( Di-Dq )  ( Dr-Dz )  ( Ea-El )  ( Em-Ez )  ( Fa-Fh )  ( Fi-Fn )  ( Fo-Frd )  ( Fre-Fz )  ( Ga-Gd )  ( Ge-Gh )  ( Gi-Gn )  ( Goa-Gol )  ( Gom-Gq )  ( Gra-Grh )  ( Gri-Gz )  ( Haa-Haq )  ( Har-Hd )  ( Hea-Heq )  ( Her-Hn )  ( Ho ) ( Hp-Hz )  ( I )  ( Ja-Jn )  ( Jo-Jz )  ( Ka-Kd )  ( Ke-Kk )  ( KL-Kq )  ( Kr-Kz )  ( Laa-Lan )  ( Lao-Ld )  ( Lea-Ler )  ( Les-Lh )  ( Li-Lom )  ( Lon-Lz )  ( Maa-Maq )  ( Mar )  ( Mas-Mb )  ( Mca-Mck )  ( Mcl-Men )  ( Meo-Mn )  ( Moa-Mor )  ( Mos-Mz )  ( Na-Nf )  ( Ng-Nz )  ( O )  ( Pa-Pd )  ( Pe-Ph )  ( Pi-Poq )  ( Por-Pz )  ( Q )  ( Ra-Reh )  ( Rei-Rn )  ( Roa-Ror ) ( Ros-Rt )  ( Ru-Rz )  ( Sa-Sb )  ( Sca-Sch )  ( Sci-Sg )  ( Sh )  ( Si-Sj )  ( Sk-Sm )  ( Sn-Ss )  ( Sta-Sth )  ( Sti-Stt )  ( Stu-Sz )  ( Ta-Th )  ( Ti-Trh )  ( Tri-Tz )  ( U )  ( V )  ( Wa-Wd )  ( We-Wg )  ( Wh-Wim )  ( Win-Wz )  ( X )  ( Y )  ( Z )

Chapter 3: Known NON-Members

When we began our research to learn who the members of the Academy were, we quite naturally came across some articles pointing out the surprising number of filmmakers who were NOT members of the Academy as well. As our research techniques have become more advanced, that list of known Non-members has grown. (You can learn more about the special methodologies and fonts used for this section here). 

These Non-member pages also help to correct some frequent misconceptions about the Academy, the most common of which is the myth that all Oscar winners and nominees automatically get invited to join: They Don’t, as you’ll see below. 

Non-Members Pages: 

Chapter 4: The Wish List (Artists still being researched)

We’ve confirmed the identities of thousands of Academy members (but not all of them), and confirmed the identities of thousands of NON-members (but not all of them). That leaves a whole bunch of people in the middle, on what we call our “Wish List”.

These artists are on our radar, but so far, we just don’t know whether or not they are members. (To learn more about getting someone on -- or off - the Wish List, read here).

Wish List Pages: 

Thank you for visiting our project!

If you have any questions, suggestions, additions, corrections or confirmations, you can send them to us via email at


  1. This is a really fascinating project. I applaud you for your dedicated and detailed research here.

    1. Thank you Alex. I hope that in time we will be able to get closer and closer to being able to boast a complete list of all the members of the academy.

  2. Good luck! I'm excited with what you've done so far.

    1. Thanks RC! I'm almost done with my first round, which will set up the pages for all the letters. But even after that I will be updating it any time I get new information.

      I have actually been surprised at how many I was able to find so quickly!

  3. The Academy Members Project: The largest public list of Oscar voters you'll find on the web!

  4. Are you guys still alive? This hasn't been updated in a while.

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