Friday, September 19, 2014

Special Message To Filmmakers Who Are NOT Academy Members

Special Message To Filmmakers Who Are NOT Academy Members:

Yes. We want to hear from you too!

The filmmaking world is so much larger than the small slice that the Academy deems worthy to walk on its red carpet. And learning who is NOT a member of the Academy helps us to better understand that institution and its limits and weaknesses.

There are any number of genres, populations, fields of work, distribution methods and even whole countries’ film industries that are underrepresented within the Academy’s membership.

There is a constant stream of new faces, new voices and new artistic visions that haven’t gotten their due. And there are groundbreaking innovators and future household names that the Academy simply hasn’t caught up to yet.

There are branches of the Academy that require people to wait many years into their filmmaking career before applying. And we suspect that there is a great deal of studio politics involved in some of their membership decisions.

And there are even a few of you who have chosen not to be members, either by turning down invitations to join or by leaving the Academy after a certain point. Did you leave because of some decision the higher-ups made, or were you forced out by a new administration’s priority goals?

We want to hear your stories: Whether you’re hopeful to get an invitation someday, or angry that they keep passing you up.

You can contact us via email at or via twitter at @NeverTooEarlyMP.

Some information that you might want to include:
  • Your Name.
  • A few of the film credits you are most proud of. (This is particularly helpful if you have a common name like John Jones).
  • Job Title or studios you have worked for. (This is particularly helpful for executives, public relations, and other fields that may not be credited on-screen).
  • Website, IMDB page or other information so that we can learn more about your work.
  • Any stories that you want to share about your interactions with the Academy or Academy members.
  • Friends, family, colleagues or co-workers in the industry who you know to be members or know are not members.

Note that we do not publish addresses, phone numbers or email addresses on our site. Our goal is to celebrate your accomplishments and educate the public, not invade your privacy or replace the work of professional awards consultants.

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