Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Academy Members Project Monthly Newsletter


In addition to updating the website as often as possible, I also send a newsletter via email telling about our progress.

It is typically published once a month, but I will occasionally add an extra edition if there is a big Academy event mid-month (like nomination morning, the day new invitees are announced, or the Oscar ceremony itself).

The newsletter is primarily intended to help our researchers know which Academy members have been added without having to scroll through every page of the site. But I am happy to add anyone who is interested to the mailing list.

The newsletter typically includes:

  1. Announcements: General updates about our project, as well as information about upcoming Academy events that researchers should be watching.
  2. New Member Names: The names of all the Academy members that our research uncovered in the past month, along with citations.
  3. Confirmations of Member Names: Members who were upgraded to Bold font from standard or italics during the past month.
  4. Memorial List: Includes both recent deaths of Academy members, as well as historical members that we have recently discovered.

In order to keep the newsletter down to a reasonable length (and hopefully keep it from getting trapped in your spam folder), there are several types of information that I do NOT include in the newsletter (but which do, of course, get added to the site itself):

  1. Once a Member has been confirmed as Bold, I typically do not include additional confirmations that we find in the newsletter.
  2. When I’m adding film credits or additional links to an existing name, I don’t include those in the newsletter.
  3. Additions and changes to the NON-Members pages are not included.
  4. Additions and changes to the Wish List are not included.

If you would like to receive the newsletter, simply send an email to nevertooearlymoviepredictions@gmail.com asking to be added to the newsletter’s email list. (The newsletter is always sent using the Bcc: “Blind carbon copy” feature to protect your privacy.)

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