Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Oscar Calendar Weekly Watchlist for May 20 to 27, 2012

I’m back with another edition of the Oscar Calendar’s Weekly Watchlist.

May 27 is the final day of the nomination period for the Lammy Awards, so kindly Consider Me for your ballot if you are an eligible voter. Seriously, if you haven’t voted yet, you should bookmark this page for later and go vote before the polls close!

The Cannes Film Festival is getting most of the buzz this week, with strong reviews for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (already showing in limited release here in the states), Michael Haneke’s Amour, Leos Carax’ Holy Motors and Andrew Dominick’s Killing Them Softly are getting good reviews, as is Marion Cotillard’s performance in Jacques Audiard’s Rust And Bone. Meanwhile, Walter Salles’ On The Road, Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy and John Hillcoat’s Lawless appear to be getting much more mixed reactions. Antonio Mendez Esparza won the big prize at Cannes Critics Week for Aqui Y Alla, with Sofia’s Last Ambulance, God’s Neighbors and The Wild Ones also receiving honors. For even more information, Bonjour Tristesse and Movie On are covering the festival in great detail from afar, while Marshall And The Movies, Blue Print Review, FilmLand Empire, and Virginie’s Cinema give us an on-the-ground perspective.

The Seattle International Film Festival is still going strong as well, although to be honest I haven’t heard any news from those parts.

Those who follow the Oscar shorts races like I do know that The Academy hosts a Student Academy Awards each year honoring student short films. This past week they announced the winners in unranked order. Gold, silver and bronze placements will be announced June 9, with the gold medal winners for each category (except documentary) automatically qualifying for full Academy Awards consideration, and on a few occasions the silver and bronze winners have gone on to get nominations as well. You can learn more about the nominees on their Tumblr page, or watch the trailers for many of them (and in one case the full movie) by clicking the links below.

Amanda Tasse for The Reality Clock (trailer)

Note that Ms. Tasse was the only winner in this category, so her film automatically qualifies for Oscar consideration!

David Wolter for Eyrie (Full Movie)
Mark Nelson for The Jockstrap Raiders (Trailer)
Eric Pragh for My Little Friend

Ellen Tripler for Dying Green (Trailer)
Keiko Wright for Hiro: A Story Of Japanese Internment (Trailer)
Heather Burky for Lost Country (Trailer)

David Winstone for For Elsie (Trailer)
Thomas Stuber for Of Dogs And Horses
Elmar Imanov for The Swing Of The Coffin Maker

Justin Tipping for Nani (Trailer)
Ryan Prows for Narcocorrido (Trailer)
Mark Raso for Under

At the commercial theaters, the nostalgic Men In Black 3 seems to have the best chance of taking down The Avengers among popcorn audiences, while limited audiences will have the honor of watching Sy Omar’s Cesar Award winning performance in The Intouchables and Cannes opener Moonrise Kingdom. Other releases include Chernobyl Diaries, Cowgirls N’ Angels, Might Fine, Arjun The Warrior Princess, Hide Away, OC 87: The Obsessive Compulsive Major Depression Bipolar Asperger’s Movie

Finally, for those of you who didn’t do so at the beginning of this post, I’ll add another reminder to please Consider Me for your Lammy Award ballot!

For more on what is coming up in the world of movies, be sure to check out the full Oscar Calendar, and let me know in the comments which of these films you are most looking forward to seeing!


  1. Hey Man! I wasn't here for a long long time... I thought to show you my recent predictions of the Oscar:

    And while I'm at it,here is my review of "The Avengers":

    By the way, A Little question - have you ever checked the Music related posts on my blog?

    Have A Nice Day!

    1. Cool. I'll give them a look. I'm hoping to get my Avengers post up soon, and I'll be starting another round of predictions as soon as my Academy Members project gets through with the Z's (which will also conveniently be after all the Cannes films have been reviewed!)

      I think I have read a few of your music posts, but I don't really follow the music world that much. Other than the Oscar songs of course!

  2. Cannes success never translates to Oscars success but I have to think that RUST AND BONE has a very good chance of representing France for the foreign film race.

    1. Rust and Bone makes sense to me as both a foreign submission and possibly some recognition for Cotillard. I would have thought that Haneke's Amour would make it into the foreign race, but I'm unsure whether Germany will want to submit a film that is in French. Have they done that before?

    2. The thing is, and as past history has shown, Academy voters don't seem to like the Palme d'Or winners very much, and they are already very familiar with 'Academy Award Winner' Marion Cotillard. So from a tactical standpoint if I was France, R&B is the film I would send.

      Also Haneke is Austrian. I'm not entirely sure of what the rules are, I do know that you can send a film that's set anywhere as long as it's not in English, but I'm not certain how much of the production and creative has to be from the originating country.

    3. Yeah, I think France will send Rust & Bone. I just wasn't sure whether Austria or Germany might try to send it instead, since both are listed in the production credits. One of the toughest parts for me in making the foreign language predictions is figuring out which countries have enough of a "stake" in each film to qualify to send it, especially as more and more films have multi-national backing.

  3. I voted early and you're definitely on my ballot, David :D

    1. Thanks Ruth! You made my ballot as well and I was so pleased to see you get a Best Blog nomination!