Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grab Your Local Paper And Send Me Those Academy Member Names!

This weekend, YOU have the power to help The Academy Members Project break a new record.

Every year around Oscar time, local newspapers and television stations do special reports known in the business as "Human Interest Pieces." They'll take a major world event (such as the Oscars), and do a segment where they try to show the local connections to the events.

The Academy Members project has discovered several Oscar voters by looking through archives of this sort, but we know that not all of them make their way onto the internet or into the libraries. So I'm asking you to pick up your local paper and let me know if it has a story like this, and which names it lists.

The story may be hidden in the margins, or on page C-8, or may also appear in many college and alumni organizations. Either way, I'd love it if you sent that in.

The past month has been a very productive one for the project, with 43 additional names added to the list, bringing our grand total to 3,494 Academy members identified. With help from my friends around the world, I'm hoping to boost that number to at least 3,500 and maybe even more by the end of the weekend. So keep an eye out, and let me know what you find!

You can send those names (and the source you got them from) to me by email at or just place them in the comments section below. And when your friends ask you who is in the Academy, don't forget to tell them that we have the largest publicly available list of Oscar voters right here!

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