Friday, November 11, 2011

New Poll: What Should I See Next?

Last week I was lucky enough to see two films. If you missed them, take a minute to read my reviews of Tower Heist and A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas.

This week, I have the opportunity to review documentary short contender Incident In New Baghdad, and hope to also see J. Edgar. But if that turns out to be too much patriotism for one weekend, then I might check out something else (although Jack And Jill is probably off the table). As always, let me know what you think I should see in the comments!

Anonymous; El Bulli: Cooking In Progress; Footloose; Immortals; In Time;

Incident In New Baghdad; Into The Abyss; J. Edgar; Jack And Jill; Johnny English Reborn;

Like Crazy; Margin Call; Melancholia; Oranges And Sunshine; Paranormal Activity 3;

Point Blank; Puss In Boots; Ra.One (Random Access One); Real Steel; Revenge Of The Electric Car;

The Rum Diary; The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito); The Three Musketeers; Weekend; The Women On The 6th Floor (Les Femmes Du 6eme Etage).

If your favorite movie isn’t here, feel free to recommend it anyway. It’s possible that it is not showing in my area, or that I have already seen it, but it’s also possible that you’ll become my new best friend for having recommended something new.


  1. do watch weekend and melancholia...then after watching those intense movie ,do watch the movie immortals...immortals is visually beautiful

  2. Thanks F.Franklin. This is always one of the most difficult times of the year for me, because I feel like there are so many good films coming out, and I only have a limited budget to hit the theaters. I really wish they'd spread them out a bit more throughout the year, instead of lumping all the comedies and superheroes together in one season, and then leaving all the dramas for another one. I always feel like I'm falling behind, when really it is just the studios ganging up on me!

  3. I saw Immortals recently. It's worth it as popcorn entertainment. Visuals are great, story is thin. As you would expect from Tarsem Singh!

  4. Thanks Castor. Immortals does look like a lot of fun!