Sunday, February 22, 2015

When Your Friends Ask Who Votes For The Oscars, Send Them To Us!

Today’s the big day, when even the most casual moviegoer begins to wonder who makes up “The Academy.” As a film lover, they look to you to have the answer. And you should look to us!

Lots of sites can give you statistics and anonymous interviews, but we’ve got the largest public list of Oscar voters you’ll find on the internet right here at The Academy Members Project! We’ve now discovered the names of 4,850 current academy members (about 70% of the full membership) and over 4400 historical (deceased) members. We’ve even got a page where you can see some of the famous people who are NOT members of the academy.

Think of how impressed your friends will be that you know about this resource. They could even peruse our pages while they’re watching the red carpet or waiting for the commercials to run. We do the research year-round, so that you can be the hit of your Oscar party tonight!

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