Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Academy Members Project Tops 4150 Oscar Voters!

Big news for The Academy Members Project, as we cross the 4,150 threshold!

With our goal of identifying and celebrating as many Oscar voters as possible, we’ve currently found 4,152 current members (over 61% of the full AMPAS membership), as well as over 3,400 historical members.

We’ve added 32 names of Oscar voters just in the past month, and over 150 since January of this year!

Here are the additions that our research discovered this month: Sara Risher, Boyd Shermis, Jennifer Shull, Marshall Backlar, Paul Lichtman, Dan Rosen, Terry Hamlisch Liebling, Bruce Bisenz, Elliot Lurie, Terence Marsh, Irmin Roberts, Michael Gruskoff, Matthew W. Mungle, Joseph Musso, Mat Beck, Alan Raymond, Gary Mehlman, Mary Elizabeth Vogt, Peter Heller, Deborah Hoffmann, Larry Mortorff, Bruce Black, Nella Walker, Lionel Atwill, Dudley Digges, Harold Shumate, David Andrews, Stephen Rosenbaum, George J. Krieger, Zoli Vidor, Lee Majors, Phil Tippett, Gary Adelson, Richard H. Frank, Robby Benson, Mitzi Gaynor, Jim Carrey, Stanley Rubin, Ron Hamady, Steve Inwood, and Desi Arnaz.

You can check out all the Oscar voters we’ve identified HERE, and don’t forget about us later this month when the Academy announces their new invitees!

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