Best Picture Predictions

Updated 2/20/2015

Best Picture: Boyhood
Director: Richard Linklater for Boyhood
Lead Actress: Julianne Moore for Still Alice
Lead Actor: Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything
Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette for Boyhood
Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons for Whiplash
Original Screenplay: Birdman
Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game
Cinematography: Birdman
Costume Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Film Editing: Boyhood
Makeup And Hairstyling: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Visual Effects: Interstellar
Song: “Glory” from Selma
Score: The Theory Of Everything
Sound Editing: American Sniper
Sound Mixing: Whiplash
Animated Feature: How To Train Your Dragon 2
Documentary Feature: CitizenFour
Foreign Language: Ida
Animated Short: Feast
Documentary Short: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1
Live Action Short: Boogaloo And Graham


  1. A Few Updades:
    "The Ides of March" dissapointed critics in both toronto and veince festivals, and "A Dangerous Method" did so as well.
    One the other hand, "Moneyball" and "The Descendants" got a critical accalaim, and "Shame" plays the roll of that movie that almost no one heard of, but has VERY (very very very) good reviews. for you consideration...

  2. Indeed, I'm thinking that Dangerous Method is out of the nominations for Picture(although probably still in the top 20 or 25), while Descendants is definitely in. For Ides Of March and Moneyball I'm thinking they both still have a chance depending on box office (Moneyball comes out this weekend, and at least a few prognosticators are saying that American audiences may take better to Ides.)

    I'm a little nervous about Shame given that it supposedly will get an NC-17 rating, but Fassbender will definitely be in my top 10 actors in the next round. Still trying to decide whether to list him as an actual nominee or not. I'd love it, but is the academy too prudish?

    And now they've just released the J. Edgar trailer.

    On my current schedule, I'm hoping to have new predictions for the 84th Lead Actor race on Thursday, and updated predictions for the 84th Best Picture race on Saturday, so stay tuned!

  3. did you ever considered the film On The Road,the cast consisting Amy adams,Kristen Stewart,Viggo Mortensen,kirsten dunst looks very promising!!!

  4. On The Road is definitely on my radar. I think that it doesn't appear on this list at the moment because I used to have it as a 2011 release, and I hadn't updated the 2012 ones since it became clear that it would move to that year.

  5. I wonder why you have Divergent in the 8th position and Mockingjay in 48?

    Also, I dont't think you have The Silver Linings Playbook by David O'Russell just yet. Anyways great list!! And they seem accurate as well :)

  6. @Mia, Thanks for this! I like looking into the future and trying to figure out which films will be the best successes.

    I haven't actually read either Divergent or Mockingjay, so I don't remember why I had one so much higher than the other. There might have been a casting rumor right before I did those predictions that made me think it would be higher, but I'm not sure.

    I do have Silver Linings Playbook on my 85th list, but probably too low given that it is O'Russell and now has a November release date that's good for Oscars.

    Glad to see someone else who likes to do these early predictions!

  7. I have this feeling Hunger Games will be a good film having Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson......I just read all three novels after watching the trailer and i enjoyed the book and really appreciated the fact Katniss is a strong female character unlike Bella(sorry i know you like twilight) and the books tries not to focus much on the romance and more on the war and how the government misues its power...the ending of the mockingjay is strong

  8. I cant wait for Lincoln,On The Road,The Great Gatsby,Anna Karenina and the Efiie Gray film.

  9. @F.Franklin, Thanks for this. The casting for Hunger Games does look a lot better than Twilight, and I'm glad to hear that the story is better too.

    I think we're looking forward to a lot of the same films.

  10. I completely agree with F.Franklin on this! I read both The Hunger Games series and Divergent and as much as I love both, the story of the hunger games is much more compelling. Since the movie is coming out in March and Divergent is still in pre-production, I would rank Hunger Games higher than Divergent for now.

    Also the cast and the crew of the Hunger games is worth noticing. Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, director Gary Ross, cinematographer Tom Stern, composers James Newton Howard and T Bone Burnett, costume designer Judianna Makovsky are already all oscar nominees/winners. This makes the entire team kinda at the top already. And by Mockingjay (which is the strongest book) something or the other will probably get nominated anyways.

    Sorry for ranting so much...I am kinda obsessed with Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence (after Winter's Bone) at the moment lol. But I am feeling very positive from the trailer as F.Franklin said. That being said, you should start reading them soon. :)

    And I love how you put A Thousand Splendid Suns as the predicted winner for the 88th and I couldn't agree more. That is one life-changing book and since Steven Zaillian is scripting and directing, I have no doubt it will be a top contender for oscars.

    You pretty much covered it all though with this impressive list. Keep it coming :)

    1. Thanks Mia! I've been updating my predictions, and have added the Hunger Games into the mix, although not too high because it still has a March release date which could work against it.

  11. Do you have information about the Color Purple? I haven't heard news about it in a long while and figured it was cancelled when Fantasia got into all those very public personal problems.

    1. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything new about it for a while. At one point it was going to be a musical, which sounded kind of exciting!

    2. I saw her in the lead of the musical onstage in New York and she was sensational. She has so much potential and just one big role like this could be a huge breakout for her.

      On top of it, I think a new film version would clean up at the Oscars as a sort of act of contrition on the Academy's part regarding the travesty that went down in 1985!

    3. Very true, and musicals usually go particularly well with the Academy.

  12. What do you think about the indie film Smashed..Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul got rave reviews for their roles

    1. At the moment, I have Winstead at #15, but that could rise once we know more about their release plans. I'll also be including it in the screenplay predictions that I hope to do this week. I haven't heard quite as much about Aaron Paul, and it may depend on whether he's pushed lead or supporting. His doesn't feel like the kind of role or star that they usually allow in the lead actor race, but if he can be pushed supporting he might have a better chance.

  13. Wow you think Argo is going to win! Exciting stuff!

    1. Thanks Pete. I think it is between Lincoln and Argo for the win at this point, depending on if they are in a serious mood or a more crowd pleasing mood. But I haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty yet, so I could still change my mind before the big night!